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  1. AI Tutorial - For Beginners!

    I'm just looking for how to change the AI of each specific mugen char. i know you can go into the data folder to the MUGEN.cfg and change it there but that changes it for all, i just wanna know where to change it inside the character's cfg file? or wherever it is
  2. Mugen Legacy 2016

    Whenever i download it in the torrent, it stops at 16.3% ;-;
  3. Mugen Ax Screenpack Win Mugen & 1.0 Versions

    What version of link is that, could i get a link to it? O:
  4. Super Battletoads

    I fixed it the section in the character's folder the SBT.def file the pallets was messed up pal1 = SBT.Zitz.act ;Palettes (can have up to 12) pal2 = pal1 pal3 = pal3 pal4 = pal4 ------------------------------- pal# didnt have .act after it
  5. Super Battletoads

    When i put add the zitz character to the Select.def file, and then go to the game to test it comes up with this when i choose the character :( ----------------------------------------------------- Error message: Can't open pal4 Error loading chars/SBT.Zitz/SBT.Zitz.def Error loading p1 ----------------------------------------------------- help pls :(
  6. All links are ded :( R.I.P SF2UR....
  7. The Legend of Zelda Series

    No link for that Chuchoryu (CS / Hyrule Warriors) (the 4th one) Zelda D: i need her rly badly
  8. Mugen Ax Screenpack Win Mugen & 1.0 Versions

    O: I want that Link char. version, where can I find him(that specific one)
  9. MUGEN Trilogy ALL Chars 3385 OR Stages 1700

    Ack!!D: The first link is broken ;o;
  10. Mortal Kombat - Cartoon Edits

    o_o no need to be an ass about it I was only asking....sheesh -.- and, how does it not, its about MK mugen >.>
  11. Mortal Kombat - Cartoon Edits

    O: I'm making a mugen with the Broken mugen 1.0 EDITED(forget the actual name but that's the folder name) screenpack o3o I already got Sonic chars. from the MH mugen Street Fighter, MK, Dbz, KOF. etc, and i'm trying to do bout 40 chars. each I have a list(i'm at the library so I don't have it with me) but...I am trying to think of an order to put the MK chars in could anyone add me on Skype and help me with this /:? adallas18 if you want to add me(on Skype, I use this name for pretty much everything xD