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  1. Tis a plesure to meet ya!

  2. Tis a plesure to meet ya!

    dis may seem noobish but how do you make a signature
  3. Greetings

    hey i welcome you with open arms! i love pizza!
  4. Tis a plesure to meet ya!

    Hello oh by the way even if my pic is of orochi troll i really dont like trolling.
  5. MUGEN fantasy.

    If only I knew how to work the story mode maker then i'll finally be able to do this
  6. Tis a plesure to meet ya!

    Thanks guys! And gals!
  7. True the game is starting to have so many characters it seems like a MUGEN game.
  8. Tis a plesure to meet ya!

    Oh and yes Dethdad123 is how you spell it not Deathdad123 k? Thanks for the help. My name started as a typo and ended up becoming my flagship name on Youtube Twitter and more
  9. Tis a plesure to meet ya!

    Thanks any advice?
  10. Hello my name is Dethdad123 as shown by my profile name im new so dont expect much. I created this profile back in May but never used it until now. MY promise is high quality characters you name the character and ill see if I can give it to you. I hope you will all enjoy my stuff as I have a ton to offer to you guys just post something and then you will have it!Cheers!
  11. Im hoping Jotaro Kujo but that most likely wont happen but a man can hope can he?
  12. My Youtube is Dethdad123 check it out.

  13. Kusanagi Lv. 3 by LASH

    Note very op so not recommended for novice players. Link:!104&sc=documents
  14. If there is one thing I hate in all ZA WARDOU its weakness