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  1. i play this on ps4 on a regular im nice i just don't like how teamwork is so needed cause i can't clutch if theres a full team of roadhogs team chaining shit lool
  2. If anyone is trying to work on persona characters i talked to the guy that ripped them in spriters resources  and he got the battle effects and persona effects out there now so look it up if you got projects in mind. Osky out :)

  3. Just in case OskeinO, do you have this screenpack called Mugen Plus Collections by Madlax, if you don't remember, here is the link to it.

    Link: http://mugenfreeforall.com/index.php?/topic/22710-mugen-plus-collections-winmugen-only/#comment-239106


    Madlax's link to that doesn't even work and her other website is down. I was wondering if you have a backup of this screenpack, please and thank you.

  4. 2 more weeks till college graduation :D

  5. 11 more weeks till i graduate college and have more time to work on Rise Kujikawa

  6. After actually spending time to beat this i just sent it back to for my fire emblem fates pre order it gets dull after a good while :l
  7. man this years almost done eh? feels like a long one. Heres to   another joyful year in mugen. :)

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    2. Galvatron


      LOL! well all i can say is "Mugen forever!!" XD

    3. OskeinO


      @Noside im done with you looool you know what i mean.

    4. Noside
  8. well that helps and i appreaciate it :D
  9. Im still entirely new to the create a character process. I'm making Rise from persona 4 arena ultimax and i could use all the knowledge about auto comboing i can get.
  10. most hype show of all time. wish it was longer.
  11. that was sho's but i manage to find a video for hers thanks though.
  12. so i was doing some FOB on MGS5 needed some stuff while im chatting with my boy Vizualyze also show some love to my channel twitch.tv/oskeino the ending was funny and thats all you really have to see. I gotta find a way to have better upload speed so i can get HD videos exported.
  13. by any chance do you know where i can rip rise voice in P4U
  14. yea at one point in time when i was i was a little younger i tried to make valentine but i just couldn't get myself to do most of what needed to be done plus i thought of it as a hard thing to do so i gave up but now im trying to make rise now. im just trying to find effects for her before i continue.
  15. The King lost weight xD will try