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  1. 2 more weeks till college graduation :D

  2. 11 more weeks till i graduate college and have more time to work on Rise Kujikawa

  3. man this years almost done eh? feels like a long one. Heres to   another joyful year in mugen. :)

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    2. Galvatron


      LOL! well all i can say is "Mugen forever!!" XD

    3. OskeinO


      @Noside im done with you looool you know what i mean.

    4. Noside
  4. How do i make an auto combo

    well that helps and i appreaciate it :D
  5. How do i make an auto combo

    Im still entirely new to the create a character process. I'm making Rise from persona 4 arena ultimax and i could use all the knowledge about auto comboing i can get.
  6. that was sho's but i manage to find a video for hers thanks though.
  7. by any chance do you know where i can rip rise voice in P4U
  8. Skullgirl's Valentine

    yea at one point in time when i was i was a little younger i tried to make valentine but i just couldn't get myself to do most of what needed to be done plus i thought of it as a hard thing to do so i gave up but now im trying to make rise now. im just trying to find effects for her before i continue.
  9. The King

    The King lost weight xD will try
  10. Skullgirl's Valentine

    ah you beat me to it. good luck on her :D
  11. (NSFW) Mistress by knkn released 27/7/15

    ah that game.
  12. P4AU Rise KujiKawa W.I.P

    I know right? lol all those days i wanted to do i never could cause something would always come up. As for her stance i'll double check it i just wish i had my ps3 for personal reference and this would be even easier >.<
  13. P4AU Rise KujiKawa W.I.P

    xD i just got back my persona 4 arena ultimax and as soon as i turn on my ps3I get the yellow light of death like REALLY!?was gonna do more updated spriting because like you said earlier on her forward animation it seems slow so i'll probably adjust the ticking tonight before i sleep. I'm gonna have to find something to replace her fx such a hassle but it can be done. and the end credits sound like the person saying oreos oreos iodine iodine iodine xD lol
  14. [Preview] [Comment] My first Attempt to make a char into mugen. I'm trying to maker her completelthe way she plays in the actual game. biggest challenge once i get everything all set up is the effects since who ever ripped her out didn't even bother to put her effects in the pack. ugh well wish me luck! theres still some stuff i have to implement on her especially her crouch the attack was just demonstrated for fun as thats part of her auto combo that i haven't gotten up to yet in the tutorials if its there. shocked i even made this far theres still more work to be done!
  15. P4A and P4AU rips

    found a nice link by Lonwn has lots of rips as for P1 all the way down toP4AU theres everything besides sprites but least you can get the portraits you need and stages and etc. Enjoy! [Download] http://pastebin.com/4e3U9j2S [Alternate Link to P4AU] https://mega.co.nz/#!3UAyVQQZ!1ZbSPxK8OuS4GmDIKZS4kXKNF8JBLLtYqK4BylMntQY