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  1. So I got Skullgirl's River Casino

    The stage is for mugen 1.1 first of all and second the stage requires opengl. The problem you showed is the default problem of using system or DirectX mode nothing to be alarmed just change the cfg to opengl and if you don't have a pc able to handle opengl then bad luck and forget about those kind of stages (there are hundreds of those kind) For example some stages will slow down everything because your pc don't have the CPU required or will crash because you don't have enough ram or similar stuff (i run in slowdowns sometimes but are rare cases and counted i use opengl) remember mugen 1.1 exclusives require higher specs then the run of the mill 1.0 stuff think that with some content you will run in out of memory error even if you don't have too much stuff think of this the 10 stages of skullgirls + 10 chars 1.1 exclusive + a really good screenpack and you will run into out of memory error this is why i have adviced to screenpacks author to stop using those 3000 slots screenpacks because is surrealistic and you will crash mugen more often. Well if someone leaked the 2.0 alpha 7 of mugen those problem would be a thing of the past because of the new features they presented.
  2. Story Mode for MUGEN 1.1

    Nope there isn't because not many users are interested with that just a few,while i'm interested i would rather use winmugen to made it,the point of big boses is so that you get afraid of it and get an overwealming precense (everyone remember when they had to fight vegeta baby in final bout till this date) IF no one has done it you can do it first if you are so interested.
  3. There isn't one and will never be. Only way to do that is HACK THE ENGINE YOURSELF.
  4. Are you really Gpez because is kinda weird that all league members are taking down their content (because of the policy created "No league,no content") Even their site won't show this So is really weird BTW i was a member of the league
  5. Release the char and if is good you'll get known as easy as that. Saying i'm not asking for money and requesting 50 likes in youtube is self defeating (50 like equal around 40 dollars i got 5 likes on a video and got 3 dollars 50 cents) most people is aware of youtube system and payments to content makers so if you really meant that you aren't asking money just simply release it. If you want people to know your channel just make what everyone big youtuber has done in other words either uploading almost illegal videos (i still remember original pewdiepie channel),make something really stupid that cause you some injury and upload said video,humiliate and embarass yourself doing something humiliating like some youtuber had done in this last months because of the low profits they got from previous videos,those are the requirements to make your channel known. Sadly most people conformed with google when there are better solutions and upload sites with less restrictions but it seems you want fame to get money. Reason i'm teaching you is because you should learn more about market strategies for example my video showing this got 700 views and i didn't do anything just upload because the system in that site is better videos uploaded are shown by date of upload unlike youtube that won't show videos even if they are new it will show only from the famous youtubers even in search results other videos i have made got over 40 thousand views and in total my fanbase is over 500 people (well most people are fans of either 4 or 5 videos so summing up they would be way more ) and in total i have got over 600k views in that site because people get to known what is new. Forgot to mention youtube is more restricted for example if youtube detects that you are using copyrighted music your video will get no sound at all so is useless for mugen videos specially for new users because only the youtubers that have really high views can do and post wathever they want without repercusions.
  6. Grim Reaper Spritesheet by Mugen Toons

    This should be moved by moderators to resource request since it isn't a char
  7. How to fix this simple error in a fullgame?

    The error is there it says it can't load system.def check the mugen cfg and verify that is pointing to the system.def of the screenpack.
  8. The lifebars are turned on or off by editing one of the cns it even says which things can be edited or not.
  9. fix power bar

    An easy trick is to just edit the bars that the chars have and make them transparent.
  10. Dialog in mugen

    IF you meant the victory quotes there should be some lines like that in you chars cns ;Default language victory quotes (optional). **MUGEN 1.0** ;If this section is included, the default language victory quotes must be in English. [Quotes] ; Up to 100 victory quotes can be specified per language (victory0 - victory99) victory1 = "That's what you get for thinking that I'm just a little girl!" victory2 = "Stop comparing me with my brother! I have my OWN qualities!" Just edit as you please. Now if you refer to dialog betwen battlers is more difficult since it involves coding the intro to show those pics
  11. Mugen 1.1 - Portrait/Pallette Issue

    Well probably you saved the sff after editing the portrait or was saved as a mugen 1.0 portrait. First save the sff as 1.1 exclusive,second use the 9000,0 as 32 bit if it ask for conversion don't do it and save as it is without reorganizing and it should show up normally. Remember mugen 1.1 has some advantages that 1.0 don't have and using 32 bit color pics is just one of them.
  12. The reason is quite simple and you have to be quite stupid if you aren't capable of figuring this out (no offense just an expression) The problem mainly is because you have the default cfg in mugen so the ammount of explods,sysexplod,afterimages decompresion buffer is at the minimum required to work fine with old low res chars and getting good game speed,sadly chars have been improved sometimes others chars have a high quality so this makes those limits useless . For chars that have fluid animation and modified FX you need a setup similar to this one. ;Number of simultaneous afterimage effects allowed. ;Set to a lower number to save memory (minimum 1). AfterImageMax = 1024 ;Maximum number of layered sprites that can be drawn. ;Set to a lower number to save memory (minimum 32). LayeredSpriteMax = 2048 ;Size of sprite decompression buffer in KB. Increasing this number may help ;if you experience slow performance when there are many sprites and/or large ;sprites shown over a short period of time. ;Minimum 256 for acceptable performance. ;If you set this too large you may also experience performance degredation. SpriteDecompressionBufferSize = 65536 ;Maximum number of explods allowed in total. Note that hitsparks ;also count as explods. ;Set to a lower number to save memory (minimum 8). ExplodMax = 5800 ;Maximum number of system explods allowed. ;Set to a lower number to save memory (minimum 8). SysExplodMax = 1024 ;Maximum number of helpers allowed in total. ;Set to a lower number to save memory (minimum 4, maximum 56). HelperMax = 56 ;Maximum number of projectiles allowed per player. ;Set to a lower number to save memory (minimum 5). PlayerProjectileMax = 1024 With that your game will work better and will show all the images,problem with this is the requirements increase drastically (normally the default screenpack and setup use around 64Mb of ram and with this will jump to around 400Mb of ram use) but this setup is need for chars that have been modified,this is the same setup i have used for long time since winmugen the only change is the decompresion buffer because in the past it was automatic and now has to be setup manually.
  13. Where can I get the 1.1 version of this stage

    Are you really a use of mugen,the answer to tthat is use you brain to figure everything
  14. Where can I get the 1.1 version of this stage

    in the data folder of your mugen
  15. Where can I get the 1.1 version of this stage

    in the data folder of your mugen