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  1. EvilAsh aldnoah by michael armaros

    Anyone got a link to him? I'm restarting my mugen collection and cant for the life of me find a working link.
  2. Mugen archive 403 forbidden?

    Is mugen archive down for everyone right now or was i banned from the website?
  3. Goku Black by InSeph

    Can we get a screenshot?
  4. New Job Openings

    Would love to be a global mod
  5. princess of hades by sustina

    thank you so much, ive been looking everywhere!
  6. princess of hades by sustina

    Anyone got a working version of princess of hades by sustina?
  7. I've been wanting to make a cheap character on par with clown v.08 and true god hanyuu that pause the screen and play a song while the opponent takes damage but waits for the song to finish to k.o. For instance, when Clown v.08 is near death a special button combination of a + b + y activates what i call "Absolute one-way street". Clown poses and the screen flashes while absolute one way street plays in the background, your opponent has 999 damage during this and at the end of the song your opponent k.o's. With true god hanyuu she starts the match off pausing the screen while why or why not plays in the background. (My apologies, i don't know how to upload the videos normally so i linked them down below) Clown True God Hanyuu
  8. Game Archade SAGA(baki) stage

    Thank you
  9. Game Archade SAGA(baki) stage

    I saw yet another pretty cool stage on salty bet and was wondering if anyone had a working link to it, i need it for collection purposes.
  10. "Rave" stage i saw on saltybet

    Thank you
  11. I made this to honor the late musician Prince.
  12. Evilash Aldnoah / EvilAsh-DRG

    thank you
  13. Evilash Aldnoah / EvilAsh-DRG

    I was on this mugen site and came across this edit of evil ash that is supposed to play aliez from aldnoah zero during one of his specials. The first link on the page didn't work and the second one made me install some software, even after that i didn't get the character. Does anyone have a working link of this character?