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  1. TOP 5 Fighting Game Characters!

    1. Lilith Aensland (VSav) - Such a wonderful and unique character, but after her debut, she immediately had her character tossed out in favor of being an accessory to Morrigan (a shallow sex icon of a character that appeals mostly to shallow people). Because of this (and just because she's my fav), I've strived to give her the chances Capcom took away, by making her into all the unique char styles I can. 2. Hayato Kanzaki (MvC2 + Plasma Sword) - This guy really is a total badass and was fun to play in the games he was in.. except the first, imo. 3. Jin Saotome (MvC) - Charrmingly insane and furious Japanese VA pilot, as well as my main in MvC. Note: never played cyberbots, only referring to his MvC appearance. 4. Hokuto (SFEX) - Had to pick between a LOT of the EX cast, but I just decided to pick my main in the games. Really underrated series in general, too. 5. Hsien-Ko / BBH (VSav) - When I'm not playing Lilith (which is rare), I'm most likely playing one of these girls, though I'm admittedly not as good with Hsien-Ko. Both are really unique and fun chars, like most of the Darkstalkers. I'd put Victor here too but I can't play him at all :c
  2. Darkstalkers / Vampire Series

    Pardon me, but it appears the link for my MvC Lilith hasn't been updated yet. The link is right above, if you feel you should update it.
  3. Darkstalkers / Vampire Series

    I've moved to Dropbox now because Mediafire has been giving me issues. Here's both of Lilith's new link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s81e5e99242psln/Lilith_YX.zip?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/owu72j3b0epptrw/Lilith_MvC.zip?dl=0
  4. Marvel Vs. Capcom Guest Fighters

    I've moved to Dropbox for hosting my stuff now, so here's the new link for my Lilith: https://www.dropbox.com/s/owu72j3b0epptrw/Lilith_MvC.zip?dl=0
  5. Lilith by Wild Ram released (2016-04-06)

    Maybe cus I joined the community :p
  6. Really?

    Immature kids will be immature kids. Not much anyone can do about that.
  7. Morrigan by Daniel9999999 - 1
  8. Street Fighter EX: Sakura Mankai

    Thank you very much!
  9. Bunch of Street Fighter EX Stages!

    So many videos! Thanks a bunch, they're great.
  10. Street Fighter EX: Sakura Mankai

    Just from the EX games, so far.
  11. Sorry about clogging the Release board with my stages, but you know, I really like the EX games' OST! This time I bring my top favorite from the first game. This one proved a tad bit trickier to rip, with the cherry blossom petals in the way. Please enjoy! Click here to download!
  12. Bunch of Street Fighter EX Stages!

    Awesome videos! I'm glad you enjoyed the stages! You're welcome. Sorry but, I'm not big on Tekken :c
  13. Bunch of Street Fighter EX Stages!

    Thank you! Ohh, I see. Thanks, though!
  14. Bunch of Street Fighter EX Stages!

    Thank you very much! Those stages are a big "maybe".
  15. Bunch of Street Fighter EX Stages!

    You can't see the screenshots? I hope thats not for everyone else, because I can see them just fine..