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  1. Well, I'm editing Duckula. This edit will be much better than the one from 2016.

    Done so far:

    -Fixed Crow Brothers assist

    -Fixed combos

    -Updated some animations (including the intro against DM)

    -Fixed Igor

    To do:

    -Fix damage outputs

    -Fix Air Throw

    -Update some sprites

    1. WlanmaniaX


      Sigh, I am trying to update Duckula very better. No offense.

    2. RMaster007


      Okay, after I do some editing to the damage outputs, I will send you my edit in private.

    3. WlanmaniaX


      Okay but after when I finished updating Duckula, I will send you in private if you can fix things, okay?

      When you finished, I will help Alexander with the brutal A.I for Duckula, Danger Mouse and Rocko. My plans sound sense to you yet?

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