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  1. The Best MUGEN characters for your roster

    Sounds good! But what about Beavis, Butt-head, Jailbot and more of my current creations and DDR's creations you mentioned?
  2. The Best MUGEN characters for your roster

    Currently I am doing some of the stratches from because he is nearly up to his beta for Christmas Eve, hopefully. Thanks for your positive reviews about my current characters though, some of my previous work (back from 2011-2014) seems very tamed compared to my recent ones. Speaking of more good characters, there was more characters from Kamekaze, Felixmario2011, DDR and DJ_HANNIBALROYCE. From what I've seen were Frank West, Hong Kong Phooey, Fat Albert, Underdog, Popeye, Duck Dodgers, Jailbot, Aladdin, Luke Skywalker, Duck Hunt Dog and Super Mario Maker. If you may haven't seen about this progress, here's the showcase of Dexter. It's even BETTER than it used to be back from 2012.
  3. The Best MUGEN characters for your roster

    What about some of my new creations, have you tried Zim, Dib or Rocko as examples? https://sites.google.com/site/wlanmanslab/m-u-g-e-n/characters
  4. My Spriteworks

    As Placemario was confirming to make more Cartoon Network characters, I present my better sprite for the Grim Reaper!
  5. Still updating on Aardvark, what comes to my mind...



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Flare-Gamer-64


      Just some possible palette ideas. Nothing too big.

    3. jenngra505



      I remember that sprite edit I made for Aardvark a year ago because of this.

    4. jenngra505



      Made some updates I think.

  6. Courage the Cowardly Dog

    There I've made it, two previews which includes the ray gun and some basic combos.
  7. Grim Reaper Spritesheet by Mugen Toons I am looking for this sprite of the Grim Reaper, if you may remember it's being drawn by JNi (also known as Mugen Toons, previously). I am also finding the rar. file that as named "ph.rar" by Jonathan A. on 4shared, but I do not have a clue where it went, as it used to...I think. Does anyone know if they had the compressed file for MT's Grim Reaper spritesheet? Just let me know you found this rar. file named "ph", I'll show this to Felixmario2011.
  8. Cartoon Network

    Mucha Lucha! (by Mugen Toons) Suddenly, I've found another stage by JNi, it was since back from 2008 when I've remembered.
  9. Courage the Cowardly Dog

    The video preview has been added! Sorry about the low quality, by the way!
  10. Hey, just lettin' you know I'm making a joke edit of the old version of your Mr. Bean.

  11. Did you know that I've made Danger Mouse and Count Duckula from before? Currently if you may heard, I'll be updating both of those well-known British cartoons very better than usual.
  12. (WIP) Kuki Sanban (Numbuh 3)

    Exactly. Perhaps you should replace this into the aerial S.P.A.N.K.E.R for her jump strong punch and add more voice clips until your another preview. Just because it looks fitting for her.
  13. (WIP) Kuki Sanban (Numbuh 3)

    Agree with him. Maybe you might add super jump after M.U.S.K.E.E.T one, along with the aerial S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R for her jump strong punch.
  14. (WIP) Kuki Sanban (Numbuh 3)

    There is some feedback from I've seen, the crouch medium kick needs to have a slide until her enemy got tripped. I'll just going to get some sounds right away.
  15. I would love to see Spike (Cowboy Bebop) or Samurai Champloo being made for M.U.G.E.N. I was hoping if I can watch more anime in someday..