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  1. Elemental Weakness

    Awesome. I've got a few questions. 1) The variable assigning the character's elemental type: This goes in each character's Statedef -3, correct? 2) The damage line: Using the number after the comma for the regular damage, does that mean I cannot assign damage dealt while blocking? a) Can I have more than one damage line per Hitdef? Thanks for the help, -AW
  2. Elemental Weakness

    I hope it's not inappropriate to bump a thread. If anyone's got any ideas on how to make characters take more (or less) damage from specific attacks, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks again, -AW
  3. Helper issues

    Perfect. Thank you very much. Also, I managed to fix the second part by adding a hitoveride that ended with a destroyself. Perhaps it's the long way around, but it works. Thanks again, -AW
  4. Helper issues

    I've got a character who summons a helper to act as a shield until either its animation runs out or it is hit. It's got a couple of problems. 1) I only want one copy of the the shield up at a time. Right now, the character can summon multiple copies. 2) If the shield is hit with an attack the helper appears as a copy of the character that just sort of floats there doing nothing. Help would be appreciated. Thanks, -AW
  5. Elemental Weakness

    Is there a way to have certain attacks deal less/more damage to certain characters? For example, I'd love to have Sub-Zero take more damage from fire attacks and half damage from ice attacks. Thanks, -AW
  6. Fighter Factory 3 problem

    Thanks for the advice. Also, I'm using your Shelly videos as my guideline for how to build a character. They're very helpful and made me think I might actually be able to build a few simple characters. -AW
  7. Fighter Factory 3 problem

    I am working on creating a character, yes. I never did figure out what was wrong. Instead, I deleted the whole thing and started again. Now it works. *sigh* Thank you for your help, -AW
  8. Fighter Factory 3 problem

    Yes. If mugen.exe is not set up to run the project, the error is something like "You need to configure a MUGEN first." I've done some more research and I think that, mugen is unable to read the sprite folder. But I've converted my sprites from .png to .bpm and made sure they're indexed to 256 colors, and it's still not working. I'm either not understanding the problem or am missing something to do with the .sff file. Thanks, -AW
  9. Fighter Factory 3 problem

    I click 'run current project' in Fighter Factory 3 and get the following error: Error message: Can't load redranger.sff Error loading chars/ff3_0/ff3_0.def Error loading p1 Can anyone help me out? I'm absolutely new to the program. Thanks, -AW