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  1. Kyle Broflovski

    To be honest, I'm sorry the character didn't satisfy you, though after I saw the post, I toned down Kyle's attack to 65, and gave him a little-bit-easier AI (compared to his old one actually), but the AI can also be toggled in the cmd file (I fixed some problems, but not all though, but I'll try to do more fixing if that's the case). Here's the link again (where Kyle keeps getting updated): http://www.4shared.c...XOGP1/Kyle.html EDIT: Also, I made this character, not just because there's a Cartman, but also because the other Kyle (the one from the full South Park Mugen game) was more retarded, and I tried to attempt to make a more decent version compared to that retarded spriteswap of Ken. I also removed/recoded some traces of the EOH template.
  2. Toochie Ghoulash by Pokemonboy7051 (me)

    [PREVIEW] http-~~-// [DOWNLOAD LINKS] http://www.4shared.c...MvCToochie.html http://pokemonboy705...y7051schars.htm [COMMENT] This is a mugen character that I, Pokemonboy7051 made that represents me, it has an MvC theme (mostly) to it. I don't care if any of you don't like the sprites/animations (if so), all I'm doing is sharing this character to all of you. This character's AI has three difficulties in it; his default difficulty is Normal (Toochie style). Toochie also has two different modes, each using different specials/supers and hypers (Normal Toochie, which is used by palettes 2-6 and EX Toochie, which is used by palettes 7-11); pallete 1 uses both modes' hypers, but uses Normal Toochie's specials/supers, while pallete 12 uses both modes' hypers, but uses EX Toochie's specials/supers. DISCLAIMER: If you find almost anything wrong with Toochie's moves (glitch-wise), I may try to fix their problems/bugs (for Toochie's vomiting victory, he is indeed supposed to sometimes spare his foe(s)).