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  1. Hey D ma'bruh, Happy Birthday! :D

  2. Street Fighter IV NES Remake Full Game

    I know that it has been over 60 days since my last update, but now I actually have something now. Amy Ranboo v0.65 Playable with three Special Attacks and one Super. Now I know that she is JUST a Chun-Li pallette swap now, but for the Full Game version she will have her head changed to fit with the concept art. https://www.mediafire.com/?7k5s7jatjut1hdt
  3. Happy birthday D, hope you have a great birthday.

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      No problem bro

  4. Street Fighter IV NES Remake Full Game

    I'm Back, Baby! I apologize for my absence, but now I'm fully energized again and now working on Amy Ranboo. I promise that I will have her out either before or during Halloween.
  5. Street Fighter IV NES Remake Full Game

    Hey guys, In case anyone actually stayed with this. I have to say that, I'm done. I felt like I've been keeping this whole project on life support for too long. Duck and Captain Papyrus are doing their own thing now and I'm the only one that seems to remind my remaining partner of this project. But that's not all, I have no passion for Mugen in general or any other project I have in the works, even my novel for months. I still do redesigns on my deviantart page, but nothing too productive. It's mostly that this year hasn't exactly brought me much joy, with whats going on in the world that makes it seem that we are getting closer and closer to the end. So until I get my mojo back, this will be the last update, unless Papyrus wants to continue without me.
  6. Street Fighter IV NES Remake Full Game

    Sorry for not replying, but yeah. I really do like this. :)
  7. Street Fighter IV NES Remake Full Game

    Now I have something, finally. I have the effects I will use for the Special Attacks done, and here they are: Hyakuretu Izungiri aka Cutting Hand Gokusatsu Jibakujin aka Harakiri & Firekiri with Hitsparks Yep I used KOFXIII's Leona, Mature (edited to look more blood-like) and K' effects.
  8. Chinese Bootleg stuffs

    It's an Elseworld version of Misfit!
  9. Street Fighter IV NES Remake Full Game

    Update: Basic movement animations are done, now working on Hit Sprites. Sorry for the lack of updates, I'm also working on a novel at the same time.
  10. Street Fighter IV NES Remake Full Game

    Sorry for not responding sooner, The internet is getting incredibly spotty here and it's only at this time I can post anything without the internet immediately cutting off. Anyway, I can go with that Idea.
  11. Street Fighter IV NES Remake Full Game

    Just a little something I put together, what I was thinking could be the official style of portraits. What do you guys think?
  12. Street Fighter IV NES Remake Full Game

    I just felt like I should do more besides posting ideas and making the bare bones of the character. Maybe when I get the basic gist of it down I could send you a link so you can do the essential adjustments.
  13. Street Fighter IV NES Remake Full Game

    -That's what I have planned. -Actually I want to do the coding myself if that's alright with you.
  14. Street Fighter IV NES Remake Full Game

    Update, I'm starting on Amy Ranboo, a bugged character from AV Bishoujo Senshi Girl Fighting. This is the basic look I decided to use. And Here are some moves I have planned for her. As for her and her brother, they have moves based on Sawada from Street Fighter The Movie The Game. Amy's is based on the Console version and her brother Johnny Ranboo is based on the Arcade version. There are gifs of the moves because I'm asking someone here if they could do it and I want to show how they look, as if I tried to make the sprites myself, they'd look downright horrible. D, DF, F + x - W. Hyakuretu Izungiri D, DF, F + y - S. Hyakuretu Izungiri D, DF, F + xy - EX Hyakuretu Izungiri (uses 500 Energy) Note: Press x or y rapidly during the EX version to increase the number of hits. D, DB, B + x - W. Gokusatsu Jibakujin D, DB, B + y - S. Gokusatsu Jibakujin D, DB, B + xy - EX Gokusatsu Jibakujin (uses 500 Energy) Note: Normal versions stop projectiles, but the EX version can reflect projectiles back. D, DF, F + a - W. Lightning Kick D, DF, F + b - S. Lightning Kick D, DF, F + ab - EX Lightning Kick (uses 500 Energy) Note: EX version ends with a Rear Spin Kick. Basically Chun Li's own Lightning Kick. D, DB, B + a - W. Ranboo Special D, DB, B + b - S. Ranboo Special D, DB, B + ab - EX Ranboo Special (uses 500 Energy) Note: The EX version of this attack allows Amy to pass through projectiles and is much faster than the previous two. Anyone interested?
  15. Street Fighter IV NES Remake Full Game

    It doesn't sound like MIDI from what I can hear.