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  1. AI Patch

    Thank you very much again
  2. AI Patch

    Someone will have the AI of the following chars? Lin (Ahuron) AI by Duagi Bulleta (Beximus) AI by Dossei Usagi
  3. (Request) AI Patchs

    Thank you very much for everything, I just need the erick and nazuna but no matter
  4. (Request) AI Patchs

    Hi good morning, I need the following AI, I hope you can help at least some Erick (Shimon) AI by Tsukasa Nazuna (Huton) AI by Kouen Ryofu (Shimon) AI by tokume Rosa (Barai) AI by Silvan Cecilia (Hyperhiroro) AI by BraveRanford That's all, and sorry for my bad English