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  1. Comments: This Nijiura Maid is experienced with a thread & throws dolls in her likeness. Download:
  2. Comments: A half human dog woman who's on the prowl for characters to challenge, with odd moves like licking & dragging her foes across the globe! Download:
  3. Comments: Happy (Belated) Halloween! Here's a pumpkin boss to spice up your Mugen for more spooky battles. It sends ghosts, spirits & candy to attack. Don't let it get 5 Power or you'll be smashed by an instant kill pumpkin! I was gonna share this on Halloween, but here it is now. Created by Burst. DL:
  4. Nijikaku is a Mugen fullgame full of strange anonymous user-created content of characters made by 2chan, also called the Futaba Channel. Some come from notable anime, game & other various sources. Click the characters to download them, they're converted to work in all Mugen versions. Dropbox character archives: 2ch Originals Drill Asamin 2 forms (Starts in Chibi form)(her Full Form) Ojisama/Uncle (Atsushi)Atusi (Atsushi) Ojisama ChaosOgitafanadaO-el San Goboten OjisanOjousama (Princess)OreAnother Ore, NSFWPizza-tanMitsume-Chan Araki Runa (Jojo parody character)CV (VA) Wakamoto (Mascot for Norio Wakamoto) Lesty RustyRisty Tillis/Tyris/Tirith SpingelSyubababa TigerTruama-Box/ToratamaTyouunn-ShiryuWagahai, NSFWMemesii, NSFW Yayoi She cannot hurt opponents normally and grows an OHKO garden that instantly kills you. Yokubari Cats!Yosinani [email protected] & TestjuImoge/いもげ (Potato)ID Chan (NSFW) The Taste Duo (Sweet) Kanmi-Chan(Sour) Xanmi ChanGaoh 7-HeroesHarapagosHimekisi (Princess Knight)MakoMioNattou-Men INU (Dog)Kuu (Kappa) Seidou No MajinMeruttaMageres (NSFW)Zazel Team Simonkin Simonkin (2005) Simonkin2006Simonkin 2007Simonking (will constantly sap enemies HP, gets smaller as it is hit.) From Anime & Manga Rozen Maiden ShinkuThink-Shinku Aka-Cho-Tin-Shinku (Red Lantern, NSFW) HuninkiAoi-Ko/SouseisekiSuigintouAnother SuigintouTibigintou PengintouHebiitigo-Hinaichigo (NSFW)Jissou Seki-SuiseisekiAnother Jissou Seki (NSFW)Asa Jissou Galaxy Angel Forte-StollenNeyufuelle/Milefulle SakurabaRinfa/Ranpha Franboise Saki Mutsuki TsuyamaMihoko FukujiGouhou Kusarihime Euthanasia (Direct to PC) Karen Na Hito/KurameKiriko Ise Shinocchi (Fighting Mahjong Final Romance 4) NSFWWaha-/Yamato Surizan (Suigetsu) Takakazu Abe (Kuso Miso Technique) NSFWItachi Uchiha (Naruto)Konachan/Konata Izumi (Lucky Star) Beal-Sama/Bell Zephyr (Night Wizard!)Chloe (Noir) & Maumau (original) Asuta-san/Astaroth (Shinrabansho)2 Ban-tan (Pia Carrot) Inogashira Goro (Kodoku no Gourmet) Homura Manami (Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, NSFW) Kyouko Irisu (Irisu Syndrome) Keion Chan/Kanata Sorami (Sound of the Sky)Dearka Elsman (Gundam SEED) Beako-Backbeard (Gegege No Kitaro)MaykoNyaonyao Puri★PrincessChinkoGodman (GO Godman!)Akao (Redman) Parody TakobueTara-Gyouza/Cod DumplingsSanrio, NSFW Sattin (Tsukihime)HANJIemon Gurocure NyainyaiKurame/NagisaSaya no Uta/Honoka, NSFW Mikudayo Kamen Rider & other robots Tetuwo (Kamen Rider Black)Tetuo RX (Kamen Rider Black RX) Nobuhiko (Kamen Rider Shadowmoon)913/Kusaka (Kamen Rider Kaixa) 555/Takkun (Kamen Rider Faiz)Dady/Gyaren (Kamen Rider Garren) Log Hakai Shin (Gao Gai Gar)Hokkai-ORMS-154 Barzam (Mobile Suit Gundam) Zettaiaku/Zettai-Aku (ZA-038)GufutabaPrototype Higyopam Higyo-PamDopamarinRoggyolgee-2 Guntank SDi (Spriteswap of Spelunker Sensei) Retro Ryuuou-tan-Dragonlord (Dragon Quest I)MOyoMOTO (Dragon Quest II)Misery (Cave Story) Spelunker (has 29 lives, is KO'd when all are lost)Spelunker Sensei (Plays like a regular character)Minnade Spelunker(Only hyper he has is cloning himself) Iwao (Megaman)Vic Viper VicViper STG (Gradius) has 5 lives or 9 in Simul and dies when all are lost.Sparta Heika Older Versions Manamana (NSFW)YukiGaoh Other Nijiura Maids Morino-SanMorino-San B New Maids Akuisan Tibiyami/ChibiyamiMokusei-San Honbunnai-SanKozoi-SanKkirin-San Other Meta-BoyNaporitan Mama (Pasta Ambra) Spark Boy (Bandai)Imouto No OttoPerm Chief Unique Characters Munch (The Scream)Pittan-San/Moji-Kun (Kotaba no Puzzle: Mojipittan)Kabegami/Wall God Getsuyoubi/Monday (தி) Tamil for "The" Unknown/CommuniBakumatsu Sotai-San Urisk-PeallaidhSagawa (Tran'Sport Communication SAGAWA)Yarare-Checker (Test character, it has no hitboxes, but is F1-able.) All Bosses Nenaikodareda/Nenai Ko Dareda (Don't want to go to Bed?)Heika-SS/Torinomias The 3rd (Space Warriors Baldios) Suwari HeikaMr.NijiuraGiant Heika/G-Heika SuuAnasuu Back Beard (Gegege No Kitaro)Yellow Pi-Po Ebifrygon/Ebifruaigon (Ebi fry means deep fried shrimp)Boss Imoge/芋げ Floren (Moomin) Final Boss Hato Sabure (Shortbread Dove) Bonus Games Run (race to the end with obstacles to avoid)Run Bonus Stage Simonkin Ja Naika: Hit as many Simonkin clones as you can within the time limit. Etc. Araki Runa AI patch by aokmaniac13 (Imoge & Think Palettes by ZombieBrock) Nijikaku Screenpack Special Thanks MFFA, Ryon, RMH & the Staff for this website Elecbyte for Mugen 2ch for this content
  5. Here's a new link for the Balkan:
  6. Waluigi may not have made it to the Ultimate Smash Bros, but he will be in Smash Flash 2!

    It is Waluigi time after all in this Smash game!


    1. Pluscross


      Uh, I see Rayman.


      ...Crusade did it first.

  7. The Belmonts, Chrom, Dark Samus & King K Rool, oh my! The Kroc is unlocked!

    Those trailers were sick! Ultimate gets more amazing by each day:



    1. OxyontheWolf


      and a rumor says Reimu might be added later on, however I won't believe it 'til I see it

    2. MugenGuy4164


      Boy that trailer had me so hyped


      and that final smash bar reminds me of Smash bros Crusade

    3. Cook4251


      NOW THAT IS a roster reveal! I can't even complain.

  8. These new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate artworks are phenomenal... Nintendo finally gave Daisy the love she deserved after years of just being in spinoffs... and now she's in the biggest crossover of em all! 


    The Inklings, Ridley, and all the cut veterans from Melee & Brawl are here!


    This is the full version of the game's boxart. On Dec 7, 2018, the ultimate showdown will commence!


    1. Cook4251


      meanwhile the fanbase are crying for Waluigi.

    2. Oliver As Latias

      Oliver As Latias

      Waluigi will be stuck as an assist trophy. That's what I can tell. But enough about him, yes these artwork are just amazing to look at. I hope there's more newcomers to join the ultimate battle.

    3. Cook4251


      Same, at least i can say there are some humble nintendo fanboys out there. :)

  9. Last year, Daisy was in a mobile Mario platformer game , & even got her own lyrical theme!
  10. People thought Sakurai would never add her in, but now...

    After all these years, my favorite character, Princess Daisy is playable in Smash Bros!!! As a clone no surprise, but she's finally a Nintendo All Star!


    1. Mr. FuzzyNuts

      Mr. FuzzyNuts

      I like how she hits people with her ass

  11. Nannanda Anta
  12. Here's Seti:
  13. Preview:!235&cid=5B3F61EA4138A29D
  14. After two plane flights & a brief hotel night I'm now on the Carnival Sensation Cruise! Even being in college I couldn't pass up such a lifetime oppertunity but it 's nice to get away from the work.

    Here's the ship itself, see you all soon! I'm going to the water park.


    1. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- That's Awesome, Man! You Got To Check Out The Buffet, Yo! All You Can Eat! LOL! Have A Great Time SSBKing65✯ And Create Some Good Memories! ^_^

    2. Mr. FuzzyNuts

      Mr. FuzzyNuts

      Should of took me with you

  15. Here's an AI patch for Bakumatsu:
  16. None of em should have any of those issues anymore, I fixed em up for normal Mugen, the Def files palettes are in the wrong order, but aside from that they work just fine.
  17. This is why I have a separate Mugen 1.1 for these version exclusive characters, download 1.1, if you're willing to use the memory for it.
  18. A bunch of Dream Friends just got datamined! This game is the title to bring (almost) all the old favorite back! So hype!
  19. One of the most anticipated Kirby games is finally here! The friendship frenzied, star studded Kirby Star Allies are ready to rumble! Including a big surprise with the Dream Friends, playable characters who return after several years! I wonder what other Dream Friends will appear in the future? I'd like to see Adeleine back. I never thought Marx would be playable! He's my favorite Kirby villain. The game was datamined and leaked long before it was released due to the demo, so spoilers are everywhere.
  20. Puratina:
  21. Another unique character edited and redone by The_None for this year's April Fools!
  22. StagesGJ! Here's the vast collection of stages from the Nijikaku fullgame, some just as odd as the characters they represent. Click the images to download them. 7 Heroes Altar Cubes & Circles 24Zigen 80 Collage 801 Syoutengai 735 Rozen Abui's Highway Zinja-K Manga Valley Old Manga Valley Atsui's World Atusi Room BAKUMATSU Dojo Old Bakumatsu Dojo Suigintou's Bar ButtaRubber Battle Dome Boku No Otintin Neyufelle's Bedroom Ranpha's Room Galaxy Angel Base Bonzuri Communist Bloc C_Bloc Cave Story CGI Mart Chirasi No Ura Chirasura D Gohan Daitokuji Dat Forest Zico Defense of Nijiura KaBoSiBBo Doparmin's Planetoid Dorya Collage Doshigi Stage Doshigi Stage 2 Locker Room Dragon Quest RPG Battle Old Ryuuou's Castle Ryuuou's Castle Old Dungeon Dungeon Interior Egypt 2CH Jum Immoral Dream 2CH Postarama (NSFW) 2CH Wasteland GetuMen G-Gun GN Dokubou Gobou Sky Gobotenn Batake VS Ginga Giant Wars Saisekizyou Saiseki Old Golgom Golgom G-T-K Haikou House Haiso Tower Heloo Work Harowa Harpagos Desert Hatten Spot IDTou Yellow Hospital INU's World Itatimisaki Iwao Stage Iwao Lab 26 Iwao Boss Room Jissou Jungle Old Jun City Jun City Ke-On Kanmi Chan Kappa Lake Shisei Dojo Heika Garden Kyokai Nijikaku Theater Lesty VS Rusty Nijiura Maids School Nijiura Maids School Twilight Maid's Graveyard Maison CGI Matsuri Festival Omoide Mayoiga Mayoiga Night Old Moeko Moe-ko KomePO City Meltta Comics Age Age Again Moai Island NamaChibu Naporitan Cafe Nerimono City New York City Nijiura Fairy Nijiurasou Old Nijiurasou Night Nijiurasou Night Modoi's House Medoi's House Hidoi's "House" Kudoi's House Siv Zangyou Office Ogida Lounge Atsushi Chaos Ojousama's Throne Ore's Room Ore's Room Another Pio Building Pio Convention Pati Pengin Nankyoku Pizza Stage V1 Pizza Stage V2 Pizza Pool Roof Day Roof Night Run Bonus Road Sana Sacchin Warehouse Ninja Nonsense Shimamura Simahokke Sumou Nov (NSFW) Sozai Datte Yatte Rannaijan!! DATTE (NSFW) Kabuki Theatre Spark Boy Canyon Surio Sushi Oukoku SUSHI Takeyabu Takobue Dimension Munku The Bridge Toniya Polnareff Land Touyako Toyama Tesuto Udon Cafe Vic Viper Voyage WAHA-Plain Sougen Yosinoya (Buta Don) Yosinoya Sakuradamon Yatsu Yokujo Bath Okuribito Zettai Labo Windows 95 Sakura Day Windows 95 Sakura Night Windows 98 Win 98 SE Stg Windows 98SE Ring Windows ME Blue Windows ME Windows 2000 Windows Neptune Windows XP Windows Vista Macintosh OS 9 Mac OS X Iseki Heika's Castle Throne Heika's Castle Heika's Castle Terrace Heika's Castle Storm Floren's Base Hato Sabure Battleground Debug Test M_Test Longcat is Loooooooooong