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  1. Spark Boy's from a Bandai Comic of the same name.
  2. Thanksgiving Turkey

    Link updated.
  3. There are 6 characters who I consider unique hidden gems like no other and they all come from the same fullgame, Nijikaku. Munch, the most notable figure who appeared in the Scream painting. Pittan-San: a simple square from Mojipittan with many creative abilities. Kabegami, my favorite unique character based upon Anubis and is as flat as paper. Bakumatsu Kora, a cool silhouette samurai with basic and strange attacks. Getsuyoubi, a weird humanoid made from Japanese Hiragana meaning Monday. And the surreal shape-shifting papery creature Unknown, the most unique Mugen character of them all. Honorable mentions go out to Spark Boyand Naporitan Mama for being two unorthodox and out of place characters I'd never thought I see in Mugen.
  4. I'm excited for the holidays but very upset as I haven't watched The Amazing World of Gumball in years and I was DEVASTATED to find out that my favorite CN character,

    Rachel Wilson, was erased out of existence after the show's 1st season because Ben Bocquelet (her creator) and some of the staff of the show hate her, most likely for screaming at the kids in The Party, the only episode  where she had a major role, the rest are small insignificant cameos. I forgot all about this character's existence myself and I'm so mad about this! She's just... gone! 


    It's crazy what happens when you don't pay attention to a show for years. Now characters get removed for several reasons, but Rachel's gone because "we dislike her" and that's it! The fans loved her! This video, What happened to Rachel just shows the thousands of fans that still like this character even today! She's a pure cinnamon roll! 

    And this Google + survey shows the like/hate ratio of Rachel's fans.


    Rachel's not a mistake. The staff made a terrible decision removing Rachel. That shouldn't have ever happened and I just found out 3 months ago.


    Despite her removal, 2nd to Foster's Home,The Amazing World of Gumball's still my favorite CN show. But I'm neutral about it now because of this.


    It's been SIX years and Rachel Wilson deserves a BIG revival, she deserves everything. Her own series, or at least spinoff and even more than that to make up for getting rid of her! Once I see her get the revival she rightfully deserves, it'll make my whole year! That is what I want for Christmas. 

    1. SSBK65


      I had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner today and things in general have been looking good for me. I'm in the RISE Program now until December which'll help me for Year Up in February which in turn will help me get into college, I'm nervous yet eager for next year. 


      I forgot to say that Gumball's on the 6th and final season. 44 episodes left then it's over. Hopefully Rachel comes back in this season.  That'd be one thing off my wishlist. I'm gonna be happy after it ends (sometime next Spring I assume) now that I have a love/hate opinion with the show.


      I'm glad I found out Rachel's been excluded from the rest of the episodes now instead of years ago with it's ending drawing closer. But that's the worst thing that can happen to any character, and it's a real shame it was her.


      Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

  5. 2017/11/16 新キャラ作りました
  6. Two 'Rare' characters?
  7. Kirby

    I made that, it's just a palette change for his Revenge form.
  8. Kirby

    I made that, it's just a palette change for his Revenge form.
  9. Flare Gamer 64 has joined MFFA

    Hey, Welcome to MFFA Flare, and have a great time.
  10. want JR station stage!818&cid=DB57B215ACB31FEE Mugen-stages-others
  11. I really wanted this char from air named yukito,and also some rare version of bull-chan,and also these stages from sxvector

    And this version of rock-man


    Sanotohno is retard,by having offline chars since the sites have been closed... and I also decided to hide my identity because this user here yells in description...


    I Am still Training download muvluv mugen stuff... so I could know these files to get the chars in order...

    1. SSBK65


      Don't know where any of this stuff is but I found dorusii's Yellow Devil:

      I don't think they're on muvluv as I never came across any of these chars, I believe.

    2. Pluscross


      What about those sweet Mega Man stages.


      Evil, man. He has a Bowser's Castle I've wanted for years, either.

  12. Ran Horigein released by AO

    Here they are:
  13. Muscle Bomber / Saturday Night Slam Masters

    All you need is another link:
  14. Ran Horigein released by AO

    She does have special moves: ;-| Special Motions |------------------------------------------------------ [Command] name = "tyosei" command = ~D, F, D, F, x time = 20 [Command] name = "noten" command = ~D, F, D, F, y time = 20 [Command] name = "niren" command = ~D, DF, F, x [Command] name = "jodan" command = ~D, DF, F, y [Command] name = "tobi" command = ~D, DF, F, z [Command] name = "jikaduki" command = ~D, DB, B, x [Command] name = "seiken" command = ~D, DB, B, y [Command] name = "higuma" command = ~D, DB, B, z She just can't walk and has no basic attacks.