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  1. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Arena Trial 001: Second Round BGM: Fantasinian Royal Army March -Defense- (Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone) With the buzzer of the countdown ending, the teams began to follow their plan outline. In the defense, as they moved, 13P noticed the other team was in a loss for any communication possibility. Because they were going separate ways and both sides needed to communicate, he gave the Pod a previous order. 13P: Pod, move to the other side towards the back and, once again, I'll leave you under Joyce's control. I want your mic on so that we are able to hear them. 13P's Pod: Affirmative. Moving towards unit Joyce. His pod quickly flew away towards the other side as instructed to. 5T's Pod began to establish the comm to the other Pod without any orders. 5T: We'll need to be utmost careful in this. The first loss we get breaks our strategy as a hole. 13P: Got it. So no risky movements, right? 5T: Don't go into battle unless completely necessary. I hope Ryuko gets this before settling into fighting without thinking... BGM: Fantasinian Royal Army March -Siege- (Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone) Meanwhile, the offense also began to separate into the flanks. Kirimuri was the first one to move, with the others staying behind to discuss the attack plan. Rokurou: No questions here! I'm moving as well. Like Kirimuri did on his side, Rokurou was also the first one to move. In the meanwhile, Agni thought about which Paradigm would help most. Agni: I have no questions. Just let me do something. Changing Paradigm to Synergist. Agni: Best if I work as a buffer and shooter. Maybe I'll help more like that, right?
  2. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Arena Trial 001: Waiting Lobby 13P: Alright, let's do this! 5T: Be careful on the field. Safety first, victory comes later. Rokurou: Heh, they won't resist. We'll be like a wave crashing the sand castle. Agni: ...
  3. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Arena Trial 001: Waiting Lobby The plan seemed to be good enough for them to hold the maid until the time limit would run out. 5T: If I can say one last thing is: don't follow the plan to a T. 13P: Wait, what? That doesn't make sense. 5T: Don't be confident that the targets I assigned will be exactly the same for their side. I have my point of view towards the others and it's different from anyone else's. I'm sure each of us will be targeted by someone different than I have imagined, so you need to be ready for any sort of surprise. 13P: I see. Well, then I guess that's it for the plan. 5T, leave your Pod ready for any necessary communication, got it? 5T: Yeah, but let's not risk them too much. Because they're our advantage, the other team will target the Pods first and then us. Meawhile, the other team had their own plan. Rokurou is going after Hinamori while Agni's target is 5T. They all seemed to agree with it. Rokurou: Got it. This time, I'm not falling behind. Agni: ... Understood. I'll do my best. Rokurou: (Kid's still salty about the loss. That, or the fact he was eliminated too quickly.) Agni: Why are you staring at me like that? Rokurou: Nothing. Anyway, I don't have any insights to add. What about you, Agni? Agni: ...? An insight? Rokurou: Yeah. You seem to be smart, so maybe you have a plan or something. Agni: ... No, I don't have anything. Rokurou: (Well, aren't you a bad liar?) Agni: *sigh* What is it now? Rokurou: Nothing. Spectators Melina: ... OK, I understood. The next time I decide to leave, I will suggest it first.
  4. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Arena Trial 001: Waiting Lobby Spectators; Anna Ametrine, Lucina, Melina and Zaveid Melina: I already explained myself. What else do you wish to hear from me? Lucina: He doesn't seem convinced by it... Anna: Princess Melina... Zaveid: (You got a bad luck that I can't be seen by them except for the angel girl. She doesn't seem like saying anything, so I'll only watch.) Lilly Toadstool Location: Verlaine, Island of Summons - Five-Elemental Esper's Castle BGM: Aliens Conference (Black Rock Shooter: The GAME) The sun finally appeared in her world. After changing herself, she left her private quarters and walked back to the throne room. ???: Alright, I'm ready to depart. ???: Lilly, think about this well. It doesn't seem like a good idea- Lilly: I've already made my decision, Ace. I need to do this, I want answers! Ace: C'mon, I doubt you need to resort to violence for this... Lilly: I'll resort to murder if I have to. Ace: ... Are you insane?! Murder?! Are you really thinking on killing Agni?! Lilly: If I am, what are you going to do about it? Stop me? Ace: Do you even ask? Of course I'll- Lilly: Adrammelech! Upon her calling, five bolts of thunder fell behind her as a gigantic flying beast appeared. Adrammelech: Yes, Lady Lilly? Lilly: Play with Ace for a bit. I'm departing. Adrammelech: As you wish, milady. Ace: Wait, Lilly! AGH!! Before he could even reach her, a lightning bolt hit Ace and sent him outside through the open balcony with Adrammelech following him as instructed. Lilly walked towards the same balcony and looked at the sky. Lilly: (Agni Artwaltz, I will find you. And you'll give me the answers I want. If you don't, I'll execute you.) Using her power, Lilly flew towards the sky at powerful speeds. She left her own land in order to search for her brother.
  5. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Arena Trial 001 BGM: SUPER FINAL MTB still playing He kept progressing towards the flank, carrying the maid as a piggyback. However, a sudden alert came from the Pod. 13P's Pod: Alert. Two incoming projectiles coming at 13P's position. Chances of escaping are limited to movements towards the west flank. 13P: What the?! Oh, come on!! 13P's Pod: Projectiles reaching in 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 13P: (Tch, I was hoping to do this alive! Oh well...!!) 13P immediately stopped and crouched while holding the maid as a piggyback to form a sort of shield with her. He lowered his head and waited for the projectiles to come, since his chances of escaping were completely thin. 13P's Pod: 2... 1... The incoming swords did hit... both of them. Because of the defensive capability removal, even if it was a hilt to the back, it would be a strong hit considering the speed of the trajectory and the impact. However, 13P didn't escaped unscathed. He was eliminated by the second sword. Spectators: Anna Ametrine, Lucina, Zaveid and Melina Anna: The maid was hit! She seems to be... Lucina: The hit was indeed strong. It was a cheap tactic, but considering how it came towards her. Melina: ... She seems incapacitated and heavily damaged from the hit. Was that the objective behind this? Anna: No... but it is a victory to the offense, I guess...
  6. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Arena Trial 001 BGM: SUPER FINAL M.T.B (Danganronpa: The Animation) The defense lost Agni while the offense lost 5T. Still, the numbers were bigger towards the latter team, which currently had the maid in possession. 13P, who were holding the Mech-Hisui, used it as a captive shield to make an incoming Hugh back off. However, Light had appeared and Emilia suddenly transformed. He walked back towards their left flank exit while Hinamori, Joyce and Ryuko were holding them with attacks. 13P: (Tch, if I run, I'll be caught. I can run fast, but not without carrying this thing in a position that leaves me open to attacks. If only my Pod was active...) 13P's Pod: Pod successfully reunited with Unit 13P. Current status: unit 13P is holding the objective and prepared to depart. Proposal: use program A160 to escape. 13P: Wah! Geez, thanks for the arrival warning... wait, that program... isn't that...?! 13P: (That's right! If I use that program, even at its lowest charge, I'll be able to gain distance. All that I have to do now is to have faith in those guys. Alright then...) 13P: Proposal accepted! 13P's Pod: Affirmative. Pod prepared to launch. The Pod began to charge and release energy around it and around 13P. He looked back at the others and gave them a confident smile. 13P: Alright, guys, you can do this! I'll be going on ahead so keep them busy! Pod!! 13P's Pod: Departing in three, two, one... launching. Upon aiming it towards the car, 13P quickly hopped and the Pod went away like a missile. Because of its low charge, it didn't lasted long, but it was a faster dash than 13P's normal running. 13P: Hasta la vista, Defense! Once the charge ended, he was near the right car. Without looking back, he rushed towards the offense's right flank while carrying the maid with him.
  7. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Arena Trial 001 5T: What in the- Before 5T could fully respond, he was hit in the head and incapacitated. 5T: (Damn it... guess the backfire came right for them...) Agni: (Thanks! Right, now I just need to shoot-) Agni, however, aimed at them and didn't notice Penelope coming at him. In the moment he was going to shoot, the arcane wave hit him and sent him to the wall, eliminating him in the process... Agni: (No... then... am I useless just like 5T said I am...?) 13P, without a reaction to defend himself with his hands, had to play a dirty tactic. He shielded himself with the maid. 13P: (If this fails, I'm out! Even so, I trust they'll be able to get out with it.)
  8. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Arena Trial 001 13P: Alright, we don't have time! How are we going to reach her?! 5T: We don't need to get close to her. Also, get ready to run! 13P: What do you mean? 5T: Pod, do it! Bring her up close! 5T's Pod: Affirmative. Releasing gravity field. The Pod released a gravity field towards the other flank. As it opened, it pulled the Mech-Hisui towards it. Finally understanding the plan, 13P dashed towards the other flank's exit while 5T ran towards the maid herself. Feeling the approach, Agni got out of hiding and pointed his gun, but... Agni: Damn angle, I can't shoot or else I'll hit her!! 5T: *grabs the maid* It's ours! Now let's hurry and retreat!! With the Mech-Hisui in their control, 5T dashed towards the exit. He gave her to 13P. 13P: Let's get out right now!! Agni: No!! I won't let you- 5T: Not so fast! Shoot and she's out of the equation! Agni: Tch...!! Damn it!! 13P: It's our victory, Defense!
  9. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Arena Trial 001 After hearing the explosion, he looked and saw that Light mysteriously vanished. The flank was left open. However, the explosion coming from Kirimuri gave 5T a considerable damage. 5T: Pod... what's my condition after that explosion...? 5T's Pod: Unit 5T has only 15% of energy left back to fight. Defensive capabilities reduced to initial levels are a great disadvantage. Proposal: recover the lost health. 5T: ... Proposal accepted. Activating... Restoration Mode...! After giving the command, 5T activated his special Restoration Mode. Although his general damage would be cut by half, his own health began regenerating on his own at fast levels. Also, if he needed to use additional recovery on allies, it'll be more potent. 5T's Pod: Updating conditions... health at 27%... health at 43%... health at 79%... 5T: (It won't take some time until I reach 100% again. My defense might have gotten better a little, so I think I'll be able to sustain more damage with this. Even if I get damaged, my health will quickly regenerate. Right now, I'll ignore any sort of attack towards those two and head in their flank, take the hostage and get back to the base... but with LightFlare gone and alive.) Risky or not, 5T jumped out of the car and ran immediately towards the flank. 13P, from above the wall, jumped and ran towards him, in order to guard him. Because of their speed, meeting up with each other wasn't hard. 13P: Time for the last stretch, 5T! I'll use myself as your shield so let's go! 5T: Right! To the hostage! Both androids ran towards the flank. Even if there was a surprise attack on this route, one of them would fall while the other could go. Spectators: Melina, Zaveid, Lucina and Anna Ametrine Melina: OK, OK. Second question: I went out through the window and not as myself but as this. I have no idea why I was not recognized by your alarm, so... She converged into butterflies and reconverged. It was a special magic she had. Lucina: B-Butterflies? Anna: What sort of magic is that? Melina: First question. I was doing some recon work outside. I wanted to see the atmosphere of the main city at night to check whether it is safer or not. Turns out it is more quiet than in the morning, which makes it more dangerous. Melina: And third question, I have no idea. I woke up unconscious on the church, while my original plan was to immediately return here after I was done. Zaveid: (Recon work? Trust me, how would your recon work at the castle?)
  10. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Arena Trial 001 5T: ...!! Watch out!! The sudden suicide bombard attack Kirimuri done caught him off guard. Because of the distance, 5T wasn't exactly caught in a powerful blast, but the impulse threw him away. He landed near the car, a little far from the rest of the group. 5T: (That was something. Had I been more close, I-) Suddenly, a blue shot grazed his head. He went down and peeked back: LightFlare was now shooting at them, taking advantage of the confusion. He couldn't simply move back and use a Program to defend them, he had to attack. 5T: Missiles are ready, Pod? 5T's Pod: Affirmative. Target is Unit LightFlare. Awaiting orders. 5T: (You wanted to see an "android" fights, don't you? Well then, I'll be pleased to show you!) Fire. Under 5T's orders, the Pod opened its hatch and shot 8 missiles upwards. They curved into an arch and went towards Light's position. The idea wasn't to hit him. 13P: (Missiles? Then, that means-) 13P: Ryuko, give us another blast encore and show him what your dragon's made of! Back at the area, Agni could hear the explosions. The announced eliminations made it clear: their loss could be more certain than what they had thought. Agni: (This definitely will make them think in the next round. If only Light and Kirimuri are the ones remaining, this is going to be troublesome. I have to think on a way, but how?) Spectators: Anna Ametrine, Lucina, Melina and Zaveid Lucina: Did Sir Kirimuri just blew himself up? What sort of objective he's trying to accomplish with a sacrificial attack like that? Anna: I have no idea, sadly. However, I fear that was the opening Mr. Light needed to hit them. Lucina: I hope they manage to notice the blasts... As they kept watching, steps could be heard from the stairs. Soon, a Mech-Hisui came with Melina and Zaveid. Anna: Princess Melina and... huh? Who are you? Melina: "Who are you?" Who are you asking this to? To the Mech-Hisui? Anna: No, you see, there is a man behind you. Zaveid: (She can see me? Wait, she's an angel. I suppose she can.) Melina: There is no one behind me, I came here alone. Lucina: She is indeed correct. There's no one behind her. Anna: B-But I can definitely see a man behind her. Zaveid: You should stop trying, they can't see me like you do. Anna: Why not? Melina: "Why not" what? Miss Anna, are you OK? Zaveid: Let's talk later. For now, just wait until the fight ends. Lucina: Maybe you should get some rest, Miss Anna. The fight might be leaving you a little tired. Anna: No, no, thank you. It is OK, I might have... seen things. (A spirit only I can see...?)
  11. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Arena Trial 001 13P: Whoa, what in the- His plan was foiled and he had to break his rush since Light's rapid blasts blocked his path. Even if he jumped higher, that would give momentum to Light attack him with a powerful blast. 5T had no choice; he jumped towards the wall where Ryuko was standing and grabbed its tip with only three fingers, almost falling back into the water. He climbed it and there he stood. 13P: That was close as heck! Damn, we won't reach the flank... Yui's wind completely dispelled the smoke and Kirimuri was left in the open. He was still enveloped in smoke himself, maybe to help with his evasion. However, 5T knew how to counterattack. 5T: Let's see how you'll like to stay at one place. Pod!! 5T's Pod: Affirmative. Releasing gravitational field placement. Instead of his incessant shooting, the Pod released a sphere that created a non-damaging blast a little away from Kirimuri. Once touching the ground, the sphere's blast expanded a little and began to pull everything near it towards the blast radius. 5T: We don't have much time left and I'm not done yet. Shoot at him! After the blast release, the Pod returned to shoot quickly at Kirimuri, in case Gravity would fail. Spectators: Anna Ametrine and Lucina From the outside, both were really concentrated on how it went, arguing their own opinions about the match. Lucina: The defense team is falling quickly than I would expect. Whatever plan the offense have, it's working. Anna: The most calculative, tactical members are on the Offense. Also, I could notice that the Defense decided not to follow any plan and just attack as usual. Lucina: The fact that Sir LightFlare eliminated Sir Ludger is proof of how they decided on strategy at the last hour possible. Sir Rokurou also had foiled whatever plan Miss Etomo had, which led to their fall as well. Lucina: A tactician is important. Someone who knows the pros and cons of every member, being able to see who should go on where, aiming on who... that is something I have learned in my world. Anna: I see... I wonder why Agni has not planned anything... he does not usually fight without a strategy first. Melina and Zaveid Location: The Warrior's Hangout - Lobby Melina: Why, much appreciated. Please, lead the way. Zaveid: Time for me to check out what I'm supposed to guard for that guy...
  12. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Arena Trial 001 13P did a quick evasive manuever before getting hit by the electricity and quickly climbed the wall he was near. His Pod, however, didn't reach the same conclusion. Even if the machine floated, the electrical current managed to affect and leave it immobilized. It would took a long time to recharge, so the Programs wouldn't be useful 13P: (Damnit, the Pod got jammed! Oh well, I never used that thing much. Now I just got to reach a safe zone!) Considering the layout, jumping to the container would be a good option. However, he was at the extremity near to it, without a way to get impulse on a run. His only choice was to jump towards the entrance to one of their flanks and then rejoin Ryuko and the others through a point where the water wasn't reaching. 13P: Alright, here goes nothing! *starts running* Meanwhile, the other team had to deal with a surprise attack coming from Kirimuri. Though Hinamori was going to deal with it, 5T wanted to aid her, but Rokurou was making it difficult. Rokurou: You gonna guard all day or you'll fight back?! 5T: *blocks slash* Urgh, you maniac... back off! Rokurou: Not happening! 5T: Tch... Pod!! At his orders, the machine floated above his head, opened itself and began shooting. Rokurou had to back off, but stood in a good range to be a target unmissable. Rokurou: Hey, that's definitely cheat- 5T: Target acquired. Range at 87% of hit. Fire. The Pod shot a powerful laser at Rokurou. Because of the time-space momentum, all he could do was try to defend it, only to be blown away towards the car. The impact sent Rokurou flying and then back to the ground. He tried to get up, but wasn't able to. The defensive ability reducing was something that costed him a lot. 5T: (Muscle-brained idiot... also, I guess that coward went back to his corner.) 5T: *goes to Hinamori* Hinamori, how we're taking him out? Doubt that cornering him will work, since the cornered has more will to fight. Melina and Zaveid Location: The Warrior's Hangout - Lobby BGM: Beautiful Lie (Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony) Melina entered the place, only to see the lobby completely empty. She wondered if they had already left to do something. Melina: Is it possible that they have already left? Hmm, I suppose I should ask. Zaveid: So, this is where the kid is? Hmm, wonder what is this place, though... Zaveid couldn't be seen or heard by a normal person. Only some beings, namely spirits, divine beings and other creatures could see him. This was useful, since he never had to be worried about being detected by a machine or a normal human. Melina was included among the people who couldn't see him, even though she had powers and fought divine beings at her homeworld. Not knowing that he was following her, she decided to ask a Mech-Hisui about the others. Melina: Excuse me, miss Mech-Hisui, but do you know where everybody is?
  13. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Arena Trial 001 BGM: That Person's Name is/He of the Name (Bravely Default: Flying Fairy) 13P's Pod: Affirmative. Locking on and engaging. Under Joyce's orders, the Pod began to shoot right at LightFlare, in order to throw him off and cancel his focus. 13P, behind the wall, noticed that Ryuko and Ludger began to fight. He managed to see Joyce and Light as well, but saw no sign of Etomo and Rokurou. 13P: (Not here? If that's the case, then...!!) While the whole commotion began happening in the middle area, 5T kept following Hinamori and the others. He expected to encounter some trouble... and right he was. 5T: ... Guess we're not getting in by their backs anymore! Prepare for a fight! *draws sword* Rokurou: Got you on my sights, prey!! Drawing his dual swords, Rokurou leaped and tried to strike 5T with an overhead slash, but the android evaded it backwards. Rokurou: Trying to get past? I think you won't! I'm gonna have fun dismantling you whole! 5T: (This is something else. He's fighting like he means to kill. So that's how Rokurou fights, I wonder...) 5T: (Fine then. I'll just open a path through that head of yours! You three have to be careful with Etomo!) In the area with the maid, Agni could already hear blasts coming from the vicinity up ahead. He decided to hide behind another crevice, in order to entrap whoever came here as well. Even if only Emilia and Hugh had planned this, the glimpse he got made it understandable for him what they wished to do.
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