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  1. Korr Release

    Korr Release Hey guys its been a while and I have a character I worked on in the past and its time to release him sorry I don't have any previews or anything as I am just coming back to mugen and haven't had time to do a video but I will be releasing more soon with videos enjoy :) If the DL link doesn't work then right click and open in new window. Download http://www.mediafire.com/file/5je5ir1fy6j57p8/Korr.rar
  2. Shizuo Heiwajima [Fighting Climax]

    About time lol
  3. I don't know about any of you but I really think Xenoverse is the best DBZ so far. What do you guys reckon? Have you played another DBZ game that you think is better?
  4. Flying Man From EarthBound

    [Preview] [Download] http://iigamesmasterii.wix.com/iigamesmasteriimugen#!my-characters/c9qb [Comments] He is not that small in mugen he is alot bigger, he also has no supers or specials just 3 normal attacks that I have used again to make up 6 attacks. Sorry for the tiny picture.
  5. Rosa Felmond From Undercover Cops

    Link should be fixed now sorry about that
  6. Rosa Felmond From Undercover Cops

    It works for me
  7. IIGames MasterII

  8. Rosa Felmond From Undercover Cops

  9. Rosa Felmond From Undercover Cops

    Preview 3 button character x,y,z 4 palettes Download http://iigamesmasterii.wix.com/iigamesmasteriimugen#!my-characters/c9qb
  10. Me Playing Goldeneye 64

  11. Who here has any amiibos? and what do you do with them? Collect? Play? Or both?

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    2. Bjay


      I collect Amiibo. I'm glad my main reason is for collecting, because their game use is disappointing so far.

    3. ShiroTori


      I got seven so far. I don't plan to collect all of them, but I at least want the characters that I like most. I have Bowser, Link, Shiek, Toon Link, Pikachu, Lucario, and Sonic. I'm waiting on the wave 4 to become available for pre-order so I can get Charizard next.

    4. IIGamesMasterII


      I pre ordered charizard and wario and my friend has pre ordered me a ness because he was gonna be rare

  12. Am I the only one that wants goku in smash brothers?

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    2. IIGamesMasterII


      Ah I see so thats the reason but isn't he in games tho? I thought thats what counted if he/she has been on a nintendo console.

    3. Tony Redgrave

      Tony Redgrave

      Actually Smash is Nintendo characters only. The only exceptions are the few third party characters we get every new game. The thing with them is, they too are video game characters, not anime characters. Just because Goku has had video games doesn't make him a video game character, as he wasn't originally.

    4. vgma2


      Pretty much what Tony said. The main thing with Goku is that he has anime origins while every character in Smash has video game origins.

  13. So many big projects to do and finish can't wait to release them

  14. Mugen Review Green Ranger

    Another review this time Green ranger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SjNkJTWpYA&index=2&list=PLFdCZTbY_Dpp0q8fEV71yZA5DN82moe7m
  15. [Full Game] Killer Kombat

    I have to say he and Ryon are helping me with a very big project so its my fault. When this is out the way he will have more time on KK, he has put alot into it and is putting a whole lot more in it will be worth the wait trust me :)