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  1. Denjin Makai Series

    So, i maded more 3 Denjin Makai characters. War-Knight Creature Craft-Robo
  2. Holosseum

    Click the character image to download. CHARACTERS Dompayagen Dave Garrison All chars by Joey Faust NOT MUGENIZED YET Chen STAGES Main Stage by Zigmenthotep
  3. Holosseum

    There's no uploaded the sheets yet, but could i rip him for you?
  4. Burning Rival

    CHARACTERS Shingen: Joey Faust || Asuka: mass || Bill: Joey Faust NOT MUGENIZED YET Characters List: Arnold, Craze, Jackson, Santana and Mr. Chin STAGES 2 Stages (Asuka and Jackson) by Cenobite 53
  5. TwinBee

    This is an Collections of all M.U.G.E.N content related to Konami's TwinBee Series. CHARACTERS TwinBee (by Joey Faust) WinBee (by Joey Faust) GwinBee (by Joey Faust) Pastel (by Nyan™Kiryu: "Rugal Bee Shiena Bee") Dr. Warumon (by Joey Faust) STAGES Pop'n TwinBee Rainbow Bell Adventure - World 1 by Zzyzzyxx and OldGamer
  6. Violent Storm

    CHARACTERS PLAYERS Wade: Joey Faust || Boris: Joey Faust || Kyle: Joey Faust ENEMIES Talcus: Joey Faust || Crossbones: Joey Faust BOSSES Drigger: mitai dake NOT MUGENIZED YET Characters List : Dabel, Joe, Doyle, Mr. Julius, Sledge, Red Fredy and Geld STAGES Train Ride by Ryoucchi & The Magic Toaster
  7. I see that what Gui and someone re-uploaded my characters separately. I guess i'll do that too, i'm gonna upload my characters in MEGA.

    And so now, i maded 2 topics, check it out.




  8. Martial Champion

    But, MUGEN Archive links are not allowed, because of malware on if downloading.
    1. Genderless Child

      Genderless Child

      Alright! Also Superior Soldiers finally been mugenized!!! You're amazing, thanks a bunch.

    2. SSBK65


      And more N64 Paper Mario Partners! Except Lakilester and Watt. 

  9. Pokémon

    That mines was Clefable, not Clefairy.
  10. War Gods

    Grox, Ahau Kin, Kabuki Jo and Vallah aren't mine. Since because i was looking in DEF file and it was made by Dxwho.
  11. Pokémon

    Carlos Padro (Meloetta Team) maded Kirlia for M.U.G.E.N.
  12. Pokémon

    Marowak, Ursaring, Ambipom and Darkrai in my another packs. Also, in Fixed patch news. I've fixed my 2 rest Pokémon Characters.!fixed-patch-news/pykcc 2 Download link for Fixed Patch is here.
  13. Blandia

    Gurianos, McGill, Xeldus, Imageo and Gildus in my another Character Packs.
  14. Martial Champion

    There's Mahambah, Bobby, Hoi and Titi/Chaos in the RAR Folder Pack.
  15. Kirby

    I've found out of this download link for Burnin' Leo by Jango.
  16. Pokémon

    This spriteswap on my Raichu is Guile. In Fighter Factory as i see of animation numbers on "1100", "1110" and "1120" was Guile's Flash Kick, but this move is removed, because Raichu doesn't Flash Kick. Also all of "burp" projectile was Guile's Sonic Boom, but it's changed command move of "B Charge, F, Punch" to "D, DF, F, Punch".
  17. Pokémon

    There's another Lugia by SoulSilver. I have tested this. .......and this version Lugia can't any attack. Also SoulSilver's Lugia doesn't have Char icon and Portrait.!128
  18. Pokémon

    Plasmoid, do you think that my Steelix is better than AxKing's Steelix?
  19. Pokémon

    Ah, M'kay. I was false voting this Reputation, Sorry.
  20. Skeleton

    Do you know that my Skeleton (Skelaton) has been Updated? See in ( CLICKTEAM ) folder on the ZIP file. ---- EDIT : Also please don't re-upload my old version characters.