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  1. X-men Children of the Atom MUGEN 1.0

    [Preview] [Download] http://www.4shared.com/rar/6q1fXAAr/X-men_Children_of_the_Atom_MUG.html [Comment] I remember someone looking for this screenpack and decided to compile this for you guy. I realize it only has 20 characters,but understand this guys for me its not about who has more characters its about having characters worth having and have good AI and don't have crippled animations Quality over Quantity if you know what I mean,besides its an open source so add as many loucy characters as you see fit! Enjoy!
  2. snk vs capcom ultimate mugen 2007 ver 1.0

    The select.def was edited to fit these 84 characters its an open source Mugen you are free to add as many characters as you want
  3. snk vs capcom ultimate mugen 2007 ver 1.0

    Wow about 4 month since I uploaded this compilation and 0 feed back,this is embarrassing
  4. Lucky Note (Lucky Star + Death Note)

    ohh geez Ryon you truly know how to out do yourself hahahahaahz
  5. Old Super Mario Bros.

    hahahah kicking it old school!
  6. Pagina Chat en español.

    Alguien me puede pasar la receta para hacer Zacahuil?
  7. Order Sol XIII by Frowrallia updated 5/11/12

    Finally I find someone with the same pet peeve as I have!
  8. Pagina Chat en español.

    esa era la broma Danny boy!
  9. Pagina Chat en español.

    Pues a Mi me vale madre no me crrijas Slayer!
  10. Pagina Chat en español.

    Futa Madre si solo supieras que pesimo escribo yo spanglish guey!
  11. My Penis (NSFW)

    My Dick is like SUPER SIZE! yo' look like 2 sprites!
  12. My Penis (NSFW)

    Nude Leona Beware you've met your match!
  13. For the Gentlemen(NSFW)

    DUDE you got owned by an 8 year old! priceless LOL
  14. For the Gentlemen(NSFW)

    hahahahaha it sure is,it sure is......