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  1. Samurai Deeper Kyo

    New 2 Samuray Deeper Kyo characters can be found in this pack made by Kyotaro: Akira and Bontenmaru.
  2. TTRO

    I'm curious to know what will be your next character :3
  3. Gladiacloud here. I'm sorry, no new characters... but after three years, Pure & Fur gets a substantial update! :D SCREENSHOTS: DOWNLOAD LINK:!AqetQpKH8pFlhHGNr9qHu9L3F0Su A dutiful thanks goes to Delusiontrim, who helped me to revamp Pure & Fur sprites. You will find many differences with my old version: new effects, new sprites, a new special move and a revamp to her hyper move Game Trap. Now the final question: who will be my next character? Stay tuned ;)
  4. Gladiacloud here. Today is a great day. Today, not only I definitively release my 2017 main creation, but Mugen, after so many years, finally welcomes a very wanted Capcom character. :D A small premise: compared to all my other Capcom characters, I made her in record time: 3 months instead of 4 months. Is it worth the graphic tablet? Also. I was put on leave for almost a month, so I had a lot of free time to work on it. :) And we come to the revelation: who will this Capcom Character so popular? Well, she is one of Strider Hiryu's enemy: TON POOH! Enjoy the SCREENSHOTS: DOWNLOAD LINK:!AqetQpKH8pFlhHQgSRfJ5Xl1cDFw This time I used the Shinzankuro's template from the beginning, and Beximus helped me better than he could, giving me the voiceclips for her. There is still something to be fixed, but Shinzankuro will be taking care of these things. My Ton Pooh is not a Chun Li clone, even though I have used very few sprites from the latter. Her moveset is totally based on Strider 2, there is something from Project X Zone 2 and I also took some inspiration from Boh's Ton Pooh for some moves. As I mentioned months ago, Ton Pooh is my last MVC special assist. Yes, I know that Lou and Unknown Soldier are missing, but I decided I will not do them. Well... about Lou, maybe I could change my mind in the future. About Unknown Soldier, however, I have seen a lot of Forgotten Worlds' gameplays and I puzzled to try to create a moveset, but I did not succeed; so I decided I will never work on him. Now, the summer is approaching and my work on Mugen will slow down considerably because of the heat. However, I will say one thing about my next wip: are years that I was willing to work on something big, but I always had to postpone. Now I guess that moment has come. Enjoy! ;D
  5. Happy belated birthday, Gladiacloud!

  6. Hey GladCloud. Happy belated birthday to you. Hope you have a great day.

  7. Heyyyyyy, Happy Birthday, Gladia!

  8. Gladiacloud here. I struggled a lot, but in the end I managed to finish the second "knight character" in my sign. :) Some of you will like it a lot, others a little less ... who knows :3 Here is the famous Rocket Knight! SPARKSTER! SCREENSHOTS: DOWNLOAD LINK:!AqetQpKH8pFlhF2yxgEeIvvovVo7 I dedicate the character to Xtuart, since he is one of his favorite characters. :) About the style, I decided to choose the Mugenhunter/Xtuart's graphical style and the Veanko's gameplay, like the Sonic characters, although Sparkster is not a Sega character (is a Konami character). I must add that the use of the tablet for the realization was absolutely essential; In fact, Sparkster is rather difficult to draw from scratch with only pixelart :P I have nothing to add except to have fun (as I always do) and keep an eye on the upcoming silhouette of my sign. My next character will be surely one of the most requested by fans of Capcom games. I think I have already given a small preview in my Arthur topic :) Stay tuned!
  9. hey man, huge fan of your Akainu, it's good to have human sized characters asides Luffy and Ace (making an anime roster, and your Akainu's one of the 3 One Piece representatives), think you can do Boa Hancock or Franky next?

  10. Gladiacloud here. I decided to start this in 2017 releasing a new Capcom character. I could not finish it before, but no matter. I'll be honest, it is not so new Capcom character, since it was released several years ago by Infinitymugenteam, but after all these years, he had absolutely need a massive upgrade. The reason is that he had to be added to the roster of "Capcom Universe: Nexus of Heroes" from Beximus, since the sprites of the old version of this character were not very appealing for the game (no offense to Sludge and Acey, you two have done a great job). Who am I talking about? Well, here is... SIR ARTHUR! SCREENSHOTS: DOWNLOAD LINK:!AqetQpKH8pFlhHJzpIQegQpzOLMl After four months of work, me, Beximus and Shinzankuro have achieved to make a noteworthy Arthur that enters in Mugen universe. ^_^ About Arthur's gameplay, I can anticipate that it is not the same as MVC3 we all know, even though I took some inspiration from it: his gameplay remembers in some ways that of Megaman from Marvel vs Capcom 1, but for his specials and super moves we have been inspired by the game "Ghouls'n Ghost". :) A big thank goes to Acey and Sludge, who were the first Mugen creators who made a Sir Arthur character for Mugen and they gave me the inspiration. :) Before concluding with the classic "enjoy", do you want to know if I will work on other special partners from Marvel Vs Capcom? Not promise you anything, I will tell you that the answer is yes. It remained only one... and it is not Unknown Soldier ;) But first, there is another character that needs to be done. Well... enjoy and happy new year at all! :D
  11. Screenshots Mffa Style

    Homer's amazement is understandable. ;)
  12. Pikachu released by Gladiacloud & Dylanius!

    In this regard, I would love to see your gameplay of Ax's Pokemon game using my Pikachu. :)
  13. Pikachu released by Gladiacloud & Dylanius!

    I made these screenshots before that you send me the final update.