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  1. Kamen Rider Series

    You may not be able to access the file over time, change the time and try again. 1:ex-aid.7z 2:エグゼイドAI キック頻度低下パッチ.zip (There is also a bonus patch in Exaid_ActFixidea.7z)
  2. Kamen Rider Series

    DCDSp Ver1.02 Updated http://ux.getuploader.com/Gaimu_Making/ Ver1.01 _Add ShiningClash(KR:Shining_236236C,3gause,DCDCompleteForm) _Add Color _Fix Bug,Sprite,etc Ver1.02 _Add AR:Slash(214B,NomalDCD) _Add Dimension Slash(FAR:DCD_236236B,1gause,NomalDCD) _Fix Bug,Sprite,etc
  3. Kamen Rider Series

    Good Job. So cool Ultimate Form. Two hits of 236C can not chain. >>other ver (WinMUGEN etc) Error in writing def file. 1.Fix from [author "Mura, 7Bnanabe"] to [author="Mura, 7Bnanabe"] 2.Fix from [st4=-2, -3.cns] to [st4=-2,-3.cns] 3.[-2, -3.cns] rename [-2,-3.cns] Other places were OK.
  4. Kamen Rider Series

    Mura's Agito (May 9 Ver.) Fix Patch http://ux.getuploader.com/ennki/download/85/Mura'sAgitoPatch.7z ◎Add/Fix Point ・Bug Fix ・Sprite Fix ・KO Performance Fix(Rider Kick & Barning & Shining) ・Add Sprite ・Add Not KO Performance(Barning & Shining) ・Add New CutIn ◎How to apply patches 0.Download Mura's Agito & This Patch 1.Extracting Mura's Agito 2.Extracting This Patch 3.Insert This Patch in Mura's Agito
  5. Kamen Rider Series

    Good Job. [RiderKick] EnemyLife:25% [TrinityForm] Omit?
  6. Kamen Rider Series

    Thank you for introduction. ...I It is often said that way, but I have never played Battride War. Updated DCDSp Ver1.0 add Decade Complete Form,Den-O Gun Form ・FINALKAMENRIDE Move the card or KAMENRIDE to push the button of the K-touch. When you push to the end, Decade's FINALATTACKRIDE card turns into a Complete Form card. At that time move the Complete Form card to the middle and press 236236A+B to consume 3 gauge and transform into Complete Form.
  7. Kamen Rider Series

  8. Kamen Rider Series

    Description of supplemental for Decade X: Select Left Card Y: Select RIght Card Start: KAMENRIDE When all of the card is a FINAL_ATTACK_RIDE 236236C:KR+FAR(1.5Gauge,State that sets different from the present form cards)
  9. Kamen Rider Series

    >>Ryoucchi >You sure it's the finalized version of Proto Drive? I feel like it needs some more justice in term of development. Sorry... I speak Japanese because I don't well English. それに関しては,qzak氏が「プロトドライブはコレで最終版として以降はドライブとして更新していきます」という趣旨の事を仰っていました。 (実際「プロトドライブ最終版」と書かれています) 他の方が改変する可能性はゼロでは無いかもしれませんが,ディケイドクウガ(→ディケイド)やディケイドキバ(→キバ)の時と同様に,これ以降qzak氏によってプロトドライブが更新されることはおそらくないと思います。
  10. Kamen Rider Series