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  1. What the hell just happened?

    I was wondering what happened to the site on those days. Good thing you've got some talented staff on your side RMH :D Congrats on the recovery! An extra round of praise to Aлескей, everyone!
  2. Cheap Edit Thingamajig

    need a screenshot please. I wanna know what I'm Downloading
  3. MUGEN Igniz-MRV

    This edit is sexy as hell, great job mate!
  4. Nixhemera New Character by Pre To (added video lol)

    So is this what Pre-to is gonna do for now on with his new characters? This is lame, I liked it far more when his stuff was beatable S-Tier fighters
  5. characters

    well, this was unexpected. I kinda figured they were hand edited for your site, and I do have an interest in getting some (mostly the ones that are more than just cheap AIs) anyways thanks this request is resolved.
  6. This Rugal?

    This Rugal? I'm likely going to get no awsners again but: This edit seems to be pretty old, anyone got this?
  7. Gallus Douglas?

    Gallus Douglas? I'm looking for this version: the only working link I could link was the KOFA one on the archive which isn't what I want
  8. Flare Gamer 64 has joined MFFA

    I know you: Your from the archive. anyways, welcome! Also, nearly 4K subs for a mugen youtuber is most impressive! Not a very popular field
  9. oh, that's sad to hear, but atleast you wanted to leave a legacy behind rather than just fade. It's calling being done with passion, and I hope you find it again in your next endeavor. And thanks for sharing all these whould-have-been private characters-if-not-released, really shows alot. as For Azrael, awesome, will give him a try asap (I've come to know you for making great stuff, shame it ends here)
  10. Anubis Shiki by Toshiaki [9/21/2017]

    now this looks cool. There arn't enough shiki's out there with edited sprites
  11. New Final Rugal?

    New Final Rugal? Seems quite a few people have it and some link to a video that doesn't exist anymore, hmmm.
  12. G-Yashiro [Orochi Yashiro]

    The file went private. We're gonna need a mirror link
  13. I heard it was someone's birthday.


    And I am here to give the gift of not having a gift BUT SOMETHING BETTER! Paying respects XD

    1. PlasmoidThunder


      Aw yis, the best gift :D

  14. hy

    Hi there, welcome to MFFA XD
  15. New here :)

    Hey, welcome to MFFA! Sadly, I am not sure what you mean by toggle view. :(