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  1. LMMugen Video's

    Dronekiller's Yuzuriha is nice, Armin's Pullum not so much...
  2. I thought you might be waiting for today to release her. Well time to test her out.
  3. Rashou Mon by KazeSayuru updated 8/28/17

    Downloading stalled at 27 megabytes then chrome gave me a "failed, network error", so I cant download and even try this out.....
  4. TOP 5 Fighting Game Characters!

    That would be a difficult choice for me, i play a lot of characters from a lot of fighting games. I will list some from games that aren't played as much for the most part. And a couple from more commonly played games too. 1. Gunloc aka Lucky Colt- Ring of Destruction. 2. B. Dosa- Dragon Master 3. Karman Cole- Art of Fighting 3 4. Christie- Tekken 5. Parasoul- Skullgirls
  5. Shana (updated 6-27-16)

    Been waiting for a better DBFC sprited shana for a while. Will play and test her extensively.
  6. sorry about that should have checked a little closer. My last nomination will be Yukari Yakumo by Ricepigeon - 3 Edit: so sorry, i changed it to one I didnt. I need to go to bed.
  7. Nappa by TheAnswer - 3 Has been nominated JoJo Lilith by Yamori - 2 Police by Valgallah - 3 Kanako Yasaka by Ricepigeon - 2
  8. punishere209 basically beat LTG 50-0 in SFV and ltg and his little army got the guys twitch stream shut down.
  9. Everything seems to be in order, and so far seems to play less stiff and closer to his source counterpart. Will let you know if I find anything wrong. As of right now, I will set this as resolved. Many thanks.
  10. MFFA's Off-topic Thread - Version 2.0

    Listen very closely to around the 3 to 6 second mark. And then watch the rest of the video, or dont.
  11. I am trying to fix the command timing's on Abuhachi's amano from the last blade 2, specifically his F, D, B, F, D, B (hcbX2) supers and his DF, DF, Y grab. They don't come out hardly at all, unlike in the actual game, where even with my keyboard I can do them decent enough. With the command grab, after i try to do it after hitting a stagger move, he does his dp instead where in the actual game he did the grab. I just need to know from someone who knows coding, specifically command input timing code, how I could fix his messed up and unnecessarily difficult input restrictions he did not have in his source game with those moves.
  12. Papyrus by FourthRhyme Updated (06/17/16)

    Character also has an anti-cheap mode against a lot of characters Two of said characters by The_None (Omega Tiger Woods and Missingno) Dont really think that is neccesary.
  13. Kart Fighter

    NS's site is down so we need new links for donkey kong jr and kinopio.
  14. Rule #11: Put the characters you make behind ad referral links, so everyone can be informed about the "quality" of the characters you make.
  15. Well she does seem like a beta, lets hope the author does a few updates and fixes her up, she does have nice potential if they do.