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  1. Upgraded Ghostface (Jill Roberts/Scream) by RU Design Producciones http://www.mediafire.com/file/13wq3ki2j65k5fu/Ghostface+Scream++1.5.rar
  2. Where is the sounds resource?
  3. Orrrrrr you can just update him so that he can work for mugen instead of making the person who downloads your stuff do your dirty work. LOLLL
  4. And btw Quan Chi is missing several .st files and is causing my mugen to crash smh
  5. That's a great Quan Chi btw where can i get those stages at?
  6. Ryon's super saiyan god goku link is down. And also where can i get English voice rips for these chars?
  7. Lord Sinestros link to his Talon is down...Here is the new link from Cyberbit mugen's website. http://cyberbit.paodemugen.com.br/Arquivos/Talon.zip
  8. Actually my computer is pretty fast..Mugen is the only thing that causes it to be slow but it always load's these: "-" in my mugen and idk why..i tried replacing it with";" and even a blank space still ain't work.
  9. Here is my select.def file: Everytime i go to start up my Mugen it takes FOREVER to load and i found out the reason was because it's constantly loading "-" as characters how do i stop this? Btw my Mugen version is 1.1 P.S. I already tried replacing the (-) with (;) and i even tried just putting a space there and it still didn't work.
  10. Wow...what a shitty prank this turned out to be..nice try tho :)
  11. Not even going to lie this is legit lol
  12. Talk about bad sentences lol
  13. Happy B-day Skorp! :)

  14. Thank GOD cause i love your Cyber Sagat lol
  15. Niceeeeee My boy Big O done it again lol now can you pleaseeeeee Update Cyber Sagat