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  1. Why Is My Mugen Loading

    Actually my computer is pretty fast..Mugen is the only thing that causes it to be slow but it always load's these: "-" in my mugen and idk why..i tried replacing it with";" and even a blank space still ain't work.
  2. Why Is My Mugen Loading

    Here is my select.def file: Everytime i go to start up my Mugen it takes FOREVER to load and i found out the reason was because it's constantly loading "-" as characters how do i stop this? Btw my Mugen version is 1.1 P.S. I already tried replacing the (-) with (;) and i even tried just putting a space there and it still didn't work.
  3. J-Morphing Man (April Fools release)

    Wow...what a shitty prank this turned out to be..nice try tho :)
  4. Nude mod - Kitana Mileena Jade Skarlet Tanya (NSFW)

    Not even going to lie this is legit lol
  5. Ending for Shao Kahn , Iron Fist , and Kaioshin

    Talk about bad sentences lol
  6. Happy B-day Skorp! :)


    Thank GOD cause i love your Cyber Sagat lol

    Niceeeeee My boy Big O done it again lol now can you pleaseeeeee Update Cyber Sagat
  9. Raditz by Heal The World released (09/27/2015)

    Wow noEnglishsound file? but yet all the other EB chars haveEnglishsounds? time for someone to make him anEnglishfile as well but besides that it's a great char.
  10. Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden

    Adult Gohan link is down
  11. CvS Little Mac by chuchoryu released 9/11/2015

    Steve Fox got a new look i see?
  12. Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku

    Ryon could you please upload your files to a different site? causeevery timei try to download your chars from OneDrive Google Chrome think's it's malware and won't let me downloadthem...
  13. Characters You Wish Were In Mugen

    They have Apocalypse,Doctor Octopus,Spider Carnage.
  14. Heaven

    Alice will forever be my fav mugen stage creator! (besides Exshadow of course)
  15. Opa-Opa, Q*Bert, Pac-Man, and all boys UPDATED!

    Bug found during Vergil's fight with Wreck it Ralph..if you put them up against each other and let Vergil hit him with his hyper attack he freezes every single time and can't get unfroze.