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  1. Dong Dong Never Die

    Looks like Baidu cooperated with me just long enough for me to get Xiami's Terminator. Mirrored for everyone who is also having trouble with that site currently.
  2. Dong Dong Never Die

    Xiami made Terminator recently (New Years Eve). Too bad Baidu isn't letting me download anything, so if anyone has a Mediafire/Dropbox/Mega mirror, thanks in advance.
  3. [Mutant Fighter/Death Brade] Pon by Cannon Musume
  5. Sukapon by MASA@DAS and These Lifebars
  6. Character requests

    Bump with a few new requests.
  7. Uighur Gameboy Char?!581&cid=B2A5283F15176F7D
  9. Now has AI
  10. Character requests

    Spark Kung Fu Man by tmtm (RESOLVED) Black Pet by GM/DENMOU Ah Owatta by Y77+ Priere by IF (to clarify, the one that's approx 20megs compressed, has strong AI and Vanguard Princess strikers, and the only living link is hidden by a password nobody knows anymore) Stormbringer Alma (aka $7[]2(V)|3[Z//&_4||v|^ ) by siocha (RESOLVED) The following DEMAN characters: D.Emptydoll, D.Pandora's Box, Neo Sekundes, Celsius, Cless Alvein Dugtrio/Dagutorio by Don (only evidence of its existence I could find is nns' AI patch) Shiro by TYOwwOMAww Dongon by Lonisaka (ロニ坂氏)
  11. kn.godzilla by K

    OMF2097 AIs!APiFFLjypuHRpUQ&id=E31F1620B3D6CB69!112&cid=E31F1620B3D6CB69
  12. Heya Guy, hope you could attempt to do AI Patches for that Aqua for Konosuba that was recently released and perhaps Nanoha & Fate in the 

    Magical Lyrical Nanoha section.


    Nanoha and Fate have solid AI but I feel they are going to need to be tougher for some of my bigger & badder teams so I hope you can intensify them further.

    1. IDGCaptainRussia


      Don't do it, please. I used to make AI patches for him, and now he's blocked me and treats me like crap.

      Don't make the same mistake I made.

  13. guykazama's AI patches

    New patches of January 2017: Albert Roseman by Hanyu-maru, Angry Ninja by Basara-kun, Axe PQ by Ryon, Byakki by Websta, Frosty Ninja by Basara-kun, Kagetsura by Websta, Kikugoro by Hanyu-maru, Mario SMB1 by Basara-kun, Marufoi by mas2 (easily my most shameful patch yet, I mainly made this one as a joke and to test a theory), Max PQ by Ryon, Reggie Skatore by MelvanaInChains, Speed PQ by Ryon, Tetris/Tetromino by Basara-kun.
  14. guykazama's AI patches

    Chart: Direct link to folder: NOTE: 1.0+ ONLY, WILL NOT WORK IN WINMUGEN These are AI patches for the following characters: Cecil Harvey by AnkokuNaitou, DQ2 by sylphyne, Ickybod Clay by LordShade67, joker_SF by NGI, Keiji Thomas by Basara-kun, Michael Sobut by envymask666, Mister X by Basara-kun, Mr Bater by Nyan Kiryu, Ryumaou by Hanyu-maru, and Sniper Joe by Basara-kun. I still have some more AI patches, which I'll publicly release when I get around to it. Some of them need a little more fine-tuning.
  15. Kirby

    After all these years, someone out there finally found Bonkers by Jango. Comes with an AI patch.