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  1. Joe added a post in a topic Knights of Banner - Hulk 2099 stage   

    Hey, That's A Pretty Cool Stage Dude, Can't Get Enough Comics Stuff.
  2. Joe added a post in a topic Classic   

    Oh, Wow, This Has To Be One Of The Most Realistic Stages I've Ever Seen, Mad Props Man, I'd Love To See More Of This Kind Of Stages Coming From You.
  3. Joe added a post in a topic [Melty Blood]Through The Looking Glass 3D   

    You Have Another Link? I wanted To Check This And It Says Account Suspended. :(
  4. Joe added a post in a topic [PC]Famicom Hinshi Tai   

    You Don't Know How Much This Made Me
  5. Joe added a post in a topic Authors......   

    It's Hard To Choose Only One But Based In The General Quality Of Their Works.... Chars:Jmorph, Rajaa,Kamekaze, Cybaster,The None, POTS, Cyanide, Koopa, Splode,Eli King, Warusaki3, SeanAlty, Borghi, Neat Unsou, 9 Stages: MOTVN, Fancy Feast, ExShadow, JeanBureau, Caddie, Hoshi, Margatroid, Tamez, Yoda, Darek, Luneth Lifebars: V-Nix, Big Boss/Gray Fox, Phantom Blood Screenpack: NoZ, Big Boss, Phantom Blood, SxVector Palettes: MC2, DavisMaximus, MalaDingDong, Kirishima Portraits: Saikoro
  6. Joe added a post in a topic Ghostly Orchestra   

    Very Likely Of You The Stage Fits Her Theme Perfectly.............. But When Will You Release Her!?