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  1. aperson98 added a topic in [ WORK IN PROGRESS ]   

    Warner character update thread
    I started this WIP on Warners for awhile already on MFG and MMV I just noticed that I didn't start one here. anyway I'm currently working on Peter 
    and I got two new specials to show the Butt stomp and the Roadhouse kick.
    His Roadhouse will be a good way to get some juggles in now as his old MVCish launchers will 
    pretty much be phased out as well as the air chains oh and his Butt stomp can be used in the
    air as well. 
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  2. aperson98 added a post in a topic ShaoKahn In Dbz World.   

    Forgive my frankness, but that just looks like a badly stretched sprite of Shao Kahn in the background with colorless no less.  A nice concept, but it just needs a bit more work might I suggest putting a crowd of people in the background with Kahn in the Middle of the crowd.
  3. aperson98 added a post in a topic The beta of Rocko   

    Go for it i'd love to see what your magic can do for him :)
  4. aperson98 added a post in a topic Mr and Mrs. incredible and Fred Flintstone Edit   

    Well I agree with you mostly, however I noticed that the sprites on Mr. Incredible do look an awful lot like upscaled versions of his sprites from The Incredibles GBA game the animations mostly match lol
  5. aperson98 added a topic in [ EDITS ]   

    Mr and Mrs. incredible and Fred Flintstone Edit
    Happy late Valentines day everyone I thought I would show the some edits of Warner's cartoon characters I thought the original versions of these characters needed a big edit and update so I polished them up a bit.  Some of the characters movesets have changed quite a bit so reading in their new readme files is a must.     -Download here   http://www.mediafire.com/download/prb8qkzkcvli61k/Mr+and+Mrs+eye.7z  - the Incredibles (two in one)   http://www.mediafire.com/download/if2blftbcc0y5nc/Pedro.7z - Fred Flintsone
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  6. aperson98 added a post in a topic [Gen6][3DS] Pokemon X & Y   

    OU or not Talonflame for a pokemon whose pre-evolution you can catch at the start of game is at worthwhile to put on your team unlike many of the other early ones you catch. (looking at you Pidgy.)
  7. aperson98 added a post in a topic SSBB Luigi released   

    His lose sound is a little low isn't it? I might have to make it louder. As for his hurt animations yeah I should have made them more fluid shouldn't I? 
    -YTP Luigi's Negative Zone kinda meant to be more annoying and in your compared to the normal and I will look into adding sound landing sounds for stone Luigi in a future update. 
  8. aperson98 added a topic in [ RELEASES ]   

    SSBB Luigi released
    Finally after all this time Luigi is released. He has updated sprites and moves I'm sure you will love. He also has two alternative modes YTP Luigi or Stone Luigi and you and pick his gameplay style by picking the either his normal def file for normal gameplay or his SSBBLuigi def file for smash gameplay. Pics-    Download- http://www.mediafire.com/?pfatjx9corxzeac I hope you all enjoy him!:D
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  9. aperson98 added a post in a topic [GBA] Rayman 3 is koorcelt - Ubisoft (Yes, I did that on purpose)   

    I remember playing this a while back truth be told this game feels like it was meant to be a 2-d version of the second game and not the third a lot enemies,themes, characters, and gameplay mechanics are much closer to 2's then the console versions of 3.  I feel they only changed some things around to call it Rayman 3 just to make it more marketable really.
  10. aperson98 added a post in a topic Link updated (9/4/2013)!   

    Oh I forgot about it yeah I can it draw it on his sprite real quick.
    UPDATE:  Here's the sprites with the shield on them sorry I forgot about the shield the first time around oh and I added some air bomb toss edits as well.
  11. aperson98 added a post in a topic Link updated (9/4/2013)!   

    Speaking of that look what I have. 
      I hope you like these edits now that I polished them up a bit.
  12. aperson98 added a post in a topic Aperson98's WIP thread   

    Yep Luigi has two now his YTP version has two now as well.
  13. aperson98 added a post in a topic Link released! (8/27/2013)   

    Ok I'll try to polish the sprites up then the best I can and send them to you when I'm finished.
  14. aperson98 added a post in a topic Link released! (8/27/2013)   

    Would you be interested in this sprite edit I did back when Ax first released his Link I abandoned it but maybe I could still finish the edits if you wanted to use them. Its just a few kick edits but the air one would fit nicely methinks.
  15. aperson98 added a post in a topic Link released! (8/27/2013)   

    check your messages NJ I have something for you lol.