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  1. GohanSSM2 added an answer to a question Why do you float?   

    There can be several different causes for this.  If it is an old v01,01,2000 coded character then it will be missing the 5070 states which means the 'fall down' states after getting hit are missing.  Also can be a coding error where a throw or such is returning a player to state 0 instead of state 52.  State 52 returns the p;ayer to the ground whereas state 0 doesn't.  Caused by the physics parameter because if physics is S (stand) or C (crouch) then no velocities, but if physics is set to A (air) the the player will return to the ground afterwards.  A good idea might be to turn on 'debug mode' to see what comes up when the character gets stuck.
  2. GohanSSM2 added an answer to a question Mugen Error: Big Portrait.   

    in the character's sff file is the 9000,0 or 'big portrait' and take that picture out and recolor the background behind Shin Akuma to the other color at the other end of the palette then load the 9000,0 sprite back into the sff.  Oops had small portrait 9000,1 small before.
  3. GohanSSM2 added an answer to a question Jibberish!   

    There are so many people that speak so many different languages in MUGEN that you are bound to run across stuff written in korean, japanese. russian. and such which uses different characters than english.  It is a case of finding out which language then translating that over.  The nice part is that the 'jibberish" has no bearing on the character itself.
  4. GohanSSM2 added a post in a topic TOP 5 Fighting Game Characters!   

    1 Lucina (Bikini Karate Babes)
    2 Zaria (Bikini Karate Babes)
    3 Uriel (Pray for Death)
    4 Chun Li (any of the Street Fighter Games)
    5 Thee Ace Man (MUGEN)
  5. GohanSSM2 added a post in a topic Umezono's Mugen Interviews   

    Username: GohanSSM2
    Forum: MFFA
    Preferred correspondence for interview: email gohanssm.aceman@verizon.net
    Preferred time/date: whenever, email isn't on a schedule really
    Preferred topics: whatever floats yer boat
  6. GohanSSM2 added a post in a topic Underrated Fighting Game Characters   

    And another overlooked character is Norimaro from Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter.  Gotta repect a guy who fights with a purse
  7. GohanSSM2 added a post in a topic Just a few notes.   

    I know old topic but it relates a bit to why I've been gone a while too.  First good luck Ryoucchi as the motherboard death hopefully didn't affect the hard drive much.  As for me, I had a 3 Terabyte external drive die while I was copying files to my hard drive and after two restarts my hard drive got messed up.  My backup was on the external drive and what a mess.  Took about 4 weeks to be functional again and about 6 months now to get my old stuff back.  Luckily the spare drive was under warranty but still what a mess.  I sympathize Ryoucchi.  Luckily I had other backups but having to go through a thousand or so CDs/DVDs and trying to find the web sites of stuff that got lost from the spare drive (about 450 GB of downloads) to get stuff back is no fun.  Anyway, my system is back finally with some much needed add-ons and extras.  http://www.gohanssm.com/pooter.html.
  8. GohanSSM2 added a post in a topic Underrated Fighting Game Characters   

    Ginyu from any of the Dragonball games.  Nothing throws a person off more than swapping places with the opponent.
  9. GohanSSM2 added a post in a topic I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT!   

    not even a little post?
  10. GohanSSM2 added a post in a topic I'M MOVIN' OUT *Cue song*   

    Anyway.  Also hope this don't get locked either.  To Borewood (reminds me so much of Mike Werewolf of days gone by), I've always worked to be mediocre so asking me to 'step up' and all that doesn't work.  I'm happy with what I've done and can do.  Instead of worrying about others, don't worry.  Just do what you can do and realize there ain't really no 'perfect' but a bunch of perfekt for sure.  But all the downloaders I listen to always have the same request, "How about something different?".  You never know until you try.  And always up to Borewood if he wants to try or give up.  Same as myself or anyone else.  You can either try again or give up.
    Edit, oops, Honest I haven't given up, I just haven't had the time to try and move on with updating and incorporating the PSX and Sega UB/Shin Butouden games.  I know Ginyu and Android 16 would be interesting to do but need time to do it plus update the old stuff for v1.1 MUGEN and all that.  Way back when I left and used the excuse of 'the community' and all that, but in reality those that were close to me knew that I had had a heart problem and needed to get away from the stress (I believe razorgolem and definitely Komodo knew, not sure if I'd told Infiinma or not).  We all do what we do.  Nothing wrong with taking a break once in a while.  You never know what may come up next.  Life is life and MUGEN is just a game.
  11. GohanSSM2 added a post in a topic serious question from trailblazer   

    Thanks.  Stuff has a way of working itself out eventually.  Don't sweat the small stuff.
  12. GohanSSM2 added a post in a topic serious question from trailblazer   

    How long ago did your father (mi padre) pass?
  13. GohanSSM2 added a post in a topic Why do people believe they're Otherkin?   

    Sakuya.  Not much you can do but be yourself.  Just because you don't see eye to eye with someone doesn't mean you can't still be friends.  But if they feel you can't be friends anymore then time to move on.
    If a man farts in a Wal-Mart and no one is around the corner to smell it, does it still count?
  14. GohanSSM2 added a post in a topic Talk with mkp!   

    You still working on updating the MKP stuff?  Any snags or such?
  15. GohanSSM2 added a post in a topic I decided to change my posting habit in MFFA, by this way....   

    Borewood (werewolf).  We really expect you to be yourself.  Ain't nobody perfect or imperfect either.