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  1. GohanSSM2 added an answer to a question Clones spawn from reflector   

    Yikes a mess here. Anyway a bunch of explods and helpers being spawned and then changing states without the destroyself and removeExplod states being carried over to the states being changed to.  Will probably have to copy several of the removeExplods and Destryselfs to multiple states as the explods and helpers are in multiple states. I see movecontact in the destroyself state but didn't notice a parent/root movecontact if the spawner of the helper is hit. May need to resort to a -2 state with this as the helpers and explods span multiple states.
  2. GohanSSM2 added an answer to a question How do I end a state on button release?   

    In the cns file as Whiplash is saying.  To add to Whiplash's post...
    type = Changestate
    trigger1 = Command != "hold x"
    value = y
    Would be something like...
    [State 2220, xyzpdq]
    type = Changestate
    trigger1 = Command != "hold x"
    value = 0
    ctrl = 1
    The last ctrl = 1 is important as it returns control to the player and allows you to do commands again from the cmd file. Note, state 0 is the default 'standing' state.
    Forgot, at the top of the cmd file is the keypresses.  Look up the move in that part like so...
    name = "JLK"
    command = ~B, DB, D, b
    So for the B,DB,D,b move look for a changestate in the cmd like this later...
    ;Jumping Lower Kick
    [State -1]
    type = ChangeState
    value = 2220
    triggerall = command = "JLK"
    triggerall = statetype != A
    triggerall = ctrl
    trigger1 = power >= 1000 && AILevel > 0
    trigger2 = AILevel = 0
    Which then leads you to state 2220 in the cns file which would start out with [Statedef 2220] Note again, if it is an 'air' attack or such you would want to return to state 52 or else your character will be froze in the air. If Statetype is A then use value = 52. If statetype is S or C then use value = 0.
  3. GohanSSM2 added an answer to a question Mr. Infinite Gouken download   

    Infinite Gouken could be possibly downgraded to WinMUGEN, or you could just load all your other stuff into the newer MUGEN 1.0 or MUGEN 1.1 beta releases.  To downgrade you would need to semi-colon out the 'winquote' states (180) and probably a bunch more stuff.  Would probably be easier to just get the latest MUGEN and import your stuff into that.  MUGEN 1.0 and 1.1 have more features and are more compatible with more stuff than WinMUGEN was.  WinMUGEN was actually a hack of the old DOS MUGEN and was never an official release from Elecbyte anyway.  But Infinite Gouken is a MUGEN 1,0 and later release and not for WinMUGEN.
  4. GohanSSM2 added a post in a topic Opinions on Source Conversion vs Custom Adaptation   

    I always try to add something a little different each release.  In the professional games it's the difference (oddity) that makes the character what it is.  But sometimes accurate and sometimes custom and sometimes both (Young Goku). But having fun is the main goal and hard to have fun with a character that crashes or hangs up.
  5. GohanSSM2 added an answer to a question How do I end a state on button release?   

    You would need to use -2 states for something like that. -2 states are at the bottom of the cns and are always active.  But a 'changestate' in the -2 states is probably what you'll need to do with the triggers for command and all that stuff. The cmd file is only accessed when ctrl = 1 which most moves to execute need ctrl = 0.  You may be able to get away a little with using ctrl = 1 for the move though. Experiment a bit.
  6. GohanSSM2 added a post in a topic 16 Years   

    Cool ZB, June 15,2000 at the old TESTP for me. First release June 23rd. Shoot that means you came in about the time TESTP exploded.  Glad you've been around because most of the rest of us have been coming and going (mostly going) for quite a while now.  A lot more 'life stuff' to be sure.  I'm pretty much a 'wargamer' myself but doing MUGEN stuff over the years has been cool.  Something different.
  7. GohanSSM2 added a post in a topic Should I start over?   

    Double check to make sure that the stuff is still available in the archives first.  If you got the disk space it might be best to start a fresh MUGEN and go from there leaving your current one as a backup just in case.  My original DBZ roster was really a mess so back when (around 2002) I started over again to get rid of a lot of junk I really didn't want.
  8. GohanSSM2 added a post in a topic So, I've been thinking (kind of)   

    You still around Squirtle?  Anyway, for the basic stuff (punch, kick, stand, etc.) do a sff sprite swap of the animations. Work from there.  I have a kind of 'coding archive' on my site that may help too later on.  I've been away for quite a while again because I work 6 days a week and do laundry and pay bills on the 7th day.  But things take time and if you stick with it it does eventually become easier the more you learn and the more you do.  But even for me, if things ain't coming together right I take a break then come back.  Sometimes it just takes a bit to sink in which is no big deal.  Anyway, my site url is http://www.gohanssm.com/mugen.html if interested.  Feel free to use anything there for a base if you want too or just stuff to play around with to get a feel for what goes on in a character.
  9. GohanSSM2 added an answer to a question Why do you float?   

    There can be several different causes for this.  If it is an old v01,01,2000 coded character then it will be missing the 5070 states which means the 'fall down' states after getting hit are missing.  Also can be a coding error where a throw or such is returning a player to state 0 instead of state 52.  State 52 returns the p;ayer to the ground whereas state 0 doesn't.  Caused by the physics parameter because if physics is S (stand) or C (crouch) then no velocities, but if physics is set to A (air) the the player will return to the ground afterwards.  A good idea might be to turn on 'debug mode' to see what comes up when the character gets stuck.
  10. GohanSSM2 added an answer to a question Mugen Error: Big Portrait.   

    in the character's sff file is the 9000,0 or 'big portrait' and take that picture out and recolor the background behind Shin Akuma to the other color at the other end of the palette then load the 9000,0 sprite back into the sff.  Oops had small portrait 9000,1 small before.
  11. GohanSSM2 added an answer to a question Jibberish!   

    There are so many people that speak so many different languages in MUGEN that you are bound to run across stuff written in korean, japanese. russian. and such which uses different characters than english.  It is a case of finding out which language then translating that over.  The nice part is that the 'jibberish" has no bearing on the character itself.
  12. GohanSSM2 added a post in a topic TOP 5 Fighting Game Characters!   

    1 Lucina (Bikini Karate Babes)
    2 Zaria (Bikini Karate Babes)
    3 Uriel (Pray for Death)
    4 Chun Li (any of the Street Fighter Games)
    5 Thee Ace Man (MUGEN)
  13. GohanSSM2 added a post in a topic Umezono's Mugen Interviews   

    Username: GohanSSM2
    Forum: MFFA
    Preferred correspondence for interview: email gohanssm.aceman@verizon.net
    Preferred time/date: whenever, email isn't on a schedule really
    Preferred topics: whatever floats yer boat
  14. GohanSSM2 added a post in a topic Underrated Fighting Game Characters   

    And another overlooked character is Norimaro from Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter.  Gotta repect a guy who fights with a purse
  15. GohanSSM2 added a post in a topic Just a few notes.   

    I know old topic but it relates a bit to why I've been gone a while too.  First good luck Ryoucchi as the motherboard death hopefully didn't affect the hard drive much.  As for me, I had a 3 Terabyte external drive die while I was copying files to my hard drive and after two restarts my hard drive got messed up.  My backup was on the external drive and what a mess.  Took about 4 weeks to be functional again and about 6 months now to get my old stuff back.  Luckily the spare drive was under warranty but still what a mess.  I sympathize Ryoucchi.  Luckily I had other backups but having to go through a thousand or so CDs/DVDs and trying to find the web sites of stuff that got lost from the spare drive (about 450 GB of downloads) to get stuff back is no fun.  Anyway, my system is back finally with some much needed add-ons and extras.  http://www.gohanssm.com/pooter.html.