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  1. Happy B-day! :)

  2. Stupid title translations!

    Lol, check for "dookie" in english.  Like used in this sentence, "If you don't work, you don't get dookie." lol
  3. King of fighters WOJ beginners help?

    There is a file in the data folder of MUGEN called select.der  You will need to edit that file to add in the character.  I have a VERY OLD FAQ page on that process on my faq page here http://www.gohanssm.com/faq.html
  4. noob question

    Using AILevel > 0 and Lifeset states it can be done in MUGEN 1.0 and later.  The player is AILevel = 0 and the AI is from AILevel 1 to 8.  The life is set at the top of the cns file in the character and I have seen it set to 10000 before,  You could set the life = 10000 in the cns and then add a -2 state at the bottom of the cns that goes something like this... [State -2,player] type = LifeSet trigger1 = time = 0 trigger1 = 189 < stateno > 199  ;intro states trigger1 = AILevel = 0  ;player is AI zero value = 1000 This would start the AI out at 10000 and if playing as the character would drop the character down to 1000 life Could also use LifeAdd instead of LifeSet in the above example.  Look in the sctrls html doc in MUGEN's DOCS folder.  If using a LifeAdd type then use value = -9000 would do the same thing almost unless you had multiple intro states.
  5. Working on updating to v1.1 beta 1

    Cool thanks. gonna redo the docs and change Punch 2 + Kick 2 to Light Punch + Light Kick His air punch is actually a kick and the original didn't have an air punch, gonna work on that Both Light Kick + Light Punch have no velocities on them for the 'rapid combo' stuff. Gonna make sure of that. The rapid combo system takes a bit to get used to. You need a lot of power on the bar. The timing is within 5 game ticks. Definitely takes a bit of practice in Training Mode to get the timing down.  Have got it to over 100 before but takes practice. That's right on the 'free floating' version where going up Buu has a graphic hitch in him. Gonna change the anims in the 50's to the ones in the 3's which should get rid of the hitch there (oops). Probably a few others but thanks for the input Big Green. Still working on a lot of stuff but getting there. Got to Cell Genesis done, so 11 out of 30+ kinda done.
  6. Working on updating to v1.1 beta 1

    Thanks Big Green, working on it now...OK should be fixed now.  Hosting24 doesn't allow direct linking to rar files apparently. Sorry bout that peeps.
  7. Yup, looking to update all characters (30+) to the latest MUGEN 1.1 beta1. 8 updated so far.  Still making decisions about stuff yet but do have a kind of demo for now with Majin Buu from Super Butouden 3.  The original Super Butouden 3 and Hyper Dimension games had a 'free floating' flying system while the other games have been 'bi-level. Anyway, this guy... In two versions, the first version is the bi-level fly version The second version is the new 'free floating' fly version like in Super Butouden 3 http://www.gohanssm.com/buu3demo.html The bi-level works as before. The free floating version all you have to do is be in the air and use the 'z' key to start flying/floating. I am thinking about doing the free floating versions with all characters but still not sure yet. Works with MUGEN v1.0 and later but has been tested on v1.1 beta1 and works as well. Any feedback appreciated and yeah, Majin Buu from sb3 is a bit basic play wise. And uses the SNES sprites so a little small. Also, with MUGEN 1.0 and above, there is no longer a need for me to do the 'normal' and 'ai' defs anymore. These are for player vs. player but also have a form of AI for to play against and watch mode and such.
  8. Stupid title translations!

    I think you'll really enjoy these http://mugenfreeforall.com/index.php?/topic/23886-engrish-stuff/
  9. Fresh noob needs help

    To start the game look in the folder of the game for a file called mugen.exe and click on that.  MUGEN started as a DOS type application but is now Windows based.  Some of the 'old' games won't start in an OS newer than Windows XP.  The newer MUGEN version is a Windows version.  Also, for a short while MUGEN had a LINUX version too.  If you can, look for a readme inside a complete game.  There are a bunch of different complete games linked to on this site under the 'Characters = Collections' section on this site located here... http://mugenfreeforall.com/index.php?/forum/13-collections/
  10. 1.1 character troubles

    The right board to post at, but we need more info on what is going on as far as 'working/not working' means to you.  As far as most of us here, not working usually means MUGEN bombs out with an error message saying what went wrong.  Not sure if you are having a crash problem (not working and crashing the game) or just a 'peculiarity' type problem where something just doesn't feel right or seem right to you.  Crash problems are usually the result of either typos or compatability issues or such in the coding.  Peculiarities could be anything but usually means a missed state or unfinished/inaccurate coding or such.
  11. Button Mashing Clashing

    Try this page for ideas http://www.gohanssm.com/projfight.html  There's multiple ways to go about this stuff.
  12. Vegeta Z2 Problems

    The guage value is either a separate variable or using the power bar.  For a separate value it would be stored in a variable (var in the cns) and for the power bar it would be the powerset or just plain power = values.  You could just work around that by adding in coding to set the var or power value (depending how done) to the maximum thus bypassing the need for the extra bar.  Sorry, I'm pretty sure I have Vegeta Z2 somewhere backed up but I don't use him or Goku Z2 or Satan Z2 either.
  13. mugen lifebars in the corner

    Yea, your screenpack/motif uses a screen resolution higher than your lifebars.  Aka if your motif (intro screen, select screen, vs screen, etc) is set for 640 x 480 resolution and your lifebars (in the fight.def file) are for a 320 x 240 resolution this will happen.  You can ALMOST correct this by using MUGEN's scaling feature except that MUGEN's scaling does not scale fonts (aka the numbers and letters).  You would need a new set of fonts for a higher resolution plus scaling OR better yet, try to find a different screenpack compatible with your motifs resolution.  Hope you figure out what I'm trying to say here.  But you can rescale the pictures and adjust the positions by doubling the values and using a scale = 2,2 but unfortunately MUGEN does not have the built in ability to scale fonts.
  14. Clones spawn from reflector

    Yikes a mess here. Anyway a bunch of explods and helpers being spawned and then changing states without the destroyself and removeExplod states being carried over to the states being changed to.  Will probably have to copy several of the removeExplods and Destryselfs to multiple states as the explods and helpers are in multiple states. I see movecontact in the destroyself state but didn't notice a parent/root movecontact if the spawner of the helper is hit. May need to resort to a -2 state with this as the helpers and explods span multiple states.