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  1. Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension

    Nobody ever remembers about Vegetto by azcal. I edited it a little to have palettes, so he has two now, it's been four/five years (even more) since I edited its .sff. Here's the link:
  2. Dan Hibiki's State of the Art

    Heh, I wouldn't say this is fine, there's a lot to fix, like the neck, the shoulders, the nose, the face, you also forgot the ears. You need to learn anatomy. This is what I did: I kept the face long for the style.
  3. You should play with 4 buttons instead of 6 for 'faithful MvC2 gameplay'.
  4. Freett is closing down on March 31, 2016

    So what happened to saving all pages in Wayback Machine? The first two sites that are listed weren't even saved, I had to do it. Come on, let's do it!
  5. Sephiroth by MGSSJ2

    This is resolved. If you want him, go here:
  6. Yamori X HAYATO

    Link by Daniel9999999: Note: it's 8 weeks old (released on December 2015) so it may be outdated.
  7. Morrigan Aensland by Daniel9999999

    Nice character. I'm testing it now (M.U.G.E.N. 1.0, stage0 as Training stage) and I've found this: - I got this debug message when doing Valkyrie Turn: WARNING: EXPRESSION TRUNCATED TO INTEGER: PLAYER B0RF (56) IN STATE 3151: 255.000000; - it's a bit difficult, but if you manage to make the enemy bounce on the ground with the Shell Pierce (Hold D, HK on air), sometimes the "hitting ground" sound effect doesn't play, and also you can see the enemy going through the floor before bouncing. Eternal Slumber problems: - Debug flood when doing Eternal Slumber, regarding the Spinning Wheel: when I press a button, to make it stop spinning, WARNING: PLAYER SPINNING WHEEL (71) IN STATE 3516: DIVISION BY ZERO but you knew this already. - When she gets the "Death" on the Spinning Wheel, you can still see the shadow (on the default Training stage for Mugen); - the Eternal Slumber bar doesn't work very well for p2; - Poison: WARNING: PLAYER POISON (201) IN STATE 3533: HAS NO TARGET WITH HIT ID -1 that's all for now.
  8. Sephiroth by MGSSJ2

    In that topic, Laharl said that the old version of MGSSJ2 Sephiroth got released, but when and where? And if possible, can you share it? Thanks in advance.
  9. MG-Sephiroth's Supernova Hyper Attack

    When did you release it (the old version)? I've searched everywhere and I always kept an eye on this, but I've never seen it released.
  10. MGMURROW's characters

    Now we're only missing Juggernaut. Thanks guys for all the help. It doesn't matter. I've just signed Kaze no Ken's post as best answer but everybody has been helpful too.
  11. H' / Hh's characters

    So there was a collection of his characters... sorry for wasting your time, I should've searched better.
  12. H' / Hh's characters

    Does anyone have them? I can't access his OneDrive folder.
  13. Frank West released by Kamekaze & Balmsold 12/25/15

    Because MFG is evil.
  14. MGMURROW's characters

    Thanks guys. Now we're missing Shin Akuma and Juggernaut.