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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Sodium Sodium Sodium Sodium Sodium Sodium Sodium Sodium  BATMAN!!

    1. Galvatron
    2. SuperCatMeow


      The Symbol for Sodium is Na :)

    3. Galvatron


      Ohhh! i get it now

      LOL! XD

  3. So, who do you think is going to win tonight? Pistashio, or Meyhem?

  4. Shiranui no fart!
  5. Tell 'em Vin Diesel sent you :)

    1. Mister Fael

      Mister Fael

      VIN DIESEL!!! *shot*

    2. GuyZero32k4


      The letters in Vin Diesel rearragned spell

      "I end Lives..."

    3. Doomguy


      Chuck Norris is an anagram for "Vin Diesel is for Pansies".

  6. Due to autocorrect, 1 in 5 children will be getting a visit from Satan this Christmas.

    1. llyyr
    2. Jun the 1st

      Jun the 1st

      It doesn't know who Santa is?

  7. I think I'm going to try to make a character. I'm not sure how it wioll turn out, but we'll see. :)

  8. Funniest part: "Please don't shoot him!" "Alright ma'am we wont shoot him." ...after we just got done shooting the hell out of him....
  9. To me, 'ruckus' is a funny word. Like, if someone mad a screenpck called, 'Mugen Ruckus' I couldn't take it seriously. I'm weird like that.

    1. ShinzakiK
    2. ShiroTori


      There's actually a character called Ruckus made for Mugen. I suggest checking him out.

    3. Captain Papyrus

      Captain Papyrus

      To me, ointment is a funny-sounding word, because it's so close to sounding like oinkment.

  10. What happens if you get scared half to death, twice?

  11. Oceans have too much water 7.8/10

    1. Prodigal Trailblazer
    2. Jun the 1st

      Jun the 1st

      There's too much water in Super Mario Sunshine.

  12. Mmmmm Turkey Day :D

    1. MugoUrth


      Sorry, not a big fan of the taste of turkey.

  13. "get over here, and praise jesus, ya little shit!" my brother-

  14. I don't condone violence in any form. Anyone who disagrees needs their asses kicked!

    1. Darkflare


      Violence is how I solve all of my problems.

    2. ShinzakiK


      What he said.

    3. Cayne


      and this is a recipe of irony with a dash of hypocrisy. Well done!

  15. Humble Bundle store is giving away Metro 2033 free for celebrating their 1 year anniversary. Just Thought I'd let you fine people know. :)