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  1. There's likely still plenty that are missing, but they've likely been lost to time :c But anyway... STAGES -Added the following stages by Seth Lee: --Jhoto[sic] - Mt. Silver --Kanto Viridian City --Lake Of Rage --Maroo City Safe Zone (Destinty[sic] Deoxys) --Mt. Chimney --Sinnoh - Castle Distance --Spear Pillar -Added City Park and Mount Sky by Ryuugu. -Added Pokemon Battle! and Type Wild - Field by Saiyajin Mui. -Added pokemon gold intro and pokemon silver intro by DFACLON. -Added Pokemon Black&White - Champion Room by Luneth. -Added Pokemon Stadium by Kohaku. -Added Pokemon Temple by an unknown creator. -Added Ruins Of Alph by Shadow099. -Added Spear Piller[sic] by Khanny Pham. -Fixed link to Ruins Of Alph by Seth Lee. Phew. Might have to start categorising these like the characters :P
  2. I remember it being the Dialga / Palkia battle from SSBB, which seems rather out of place. The music statement was in regards to all of the hosted stages :P
  3. I'll get to adding these right away! This also solves my Ruins of Alph request I had a few months back, so thanks for that as well :D It's a shame the music was modified though.
  4. The money used to keep MFFA up comes from both donations and the two people who offered to pay the majority of the fees. is one of the worst ways a website can earn money.
  5. Also failed to mention that Blue Falcon's sprites are from F-Zero: GP Legend / Climax, not the original F-Zero. Might want to double-check the spelling of SamusAran78/SamusAran1978. Would it also not be better to group the stages together (Mute City -> Big Blue -> Fire Field -> Rainbow Road -> Cloud Carpet -> Lightning -> Cosmo Terminal), rather than having them scattered in a random order?
  6. You're currently missing: -SamusAran78's Mute City -The sprite patch for SamusAran78's Mute City -HeeJun184's Mute City -AssassinKev's Big Blue -Luneth's Cloud Carpet Also, HeeJun's Big Blue is based on its appearance in the original F-Zero, not Super Smash Bros. Melee.
  7. The stage you've listed as Final Destination under the Smash 64 section called 'table' isn't Final Destination, it's the stage that appears in the Smash 64 intro; though the .def files are named 'table', the stage itself is called 'Master Hand's Play Time'.
  8. Scorching, Troublesome Divine Flame bgmloopstart = 213726 bgmloopend = 6024602
  9. It's chaotic and that's why it works.
  10. Happy construction day! May your hair forever remain fabulous!

  11. Two from MFG: Futatsuiwa from Gensokyo bgmloopstart = 427833 bgmloopend = 5332613 Big Bang! bgmloopstart = 296352 bgmloopend= 3193022
  12. Cute.
  13. CHARACTERS -Added Spectrum Gardevoir by Kater15. STAGES -Added Glitch City by Ezequiel-TM.
  14. I try to avoid replacing links if they're provided by the creators themselves, unless the link is dead or puts users at risk. Hasn't FileFactory always been like this?
  15. STAGES -Added PokeFloats by Deathnintendo6.