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  1. Post Ur Roster Picture & Roster Mugen Videos

    I added a gap. Oh, and changed Yoshi's portrait.
  2. 3 vs 3 Simul Mode, is it possible ?

    The future is now, thanks to science!
  3. Pokémon

    I know Arbok is vore, I meant that I didn't bother checking to see if it had any other attacks.
  4. Pokémon

    I didn't bother checking Arbok, but I'm pretty sure Goodra's only form of attack is to eat the opponent, so there's nothing salvageable there.
  5. That said, it's unfair to base one's opinion of an entire community on the actions of a few members, even if said members are particularly notable.
  6. Pokémon

    Here we go again... -Added Arbok by Noahshime. -Added Smeargle by Endercreeper9999. -Updated download boxes of all NSFW characters. Can we get some normal characters now, please?
  7. The trick is to not actually rise to it. If they want to be elitist and boast about how superior their forum is, then so be it. We'll just continue being a nice community. This is coming from the guy who effectively runs the MUGEN Database, which is often considered to be the shit heap of the MUGEN community.
  8. Pokémon

    Will that do? I'll update the collection tomorrow.
  9. Pokémon

    There's a list at the top of the page noting the NSFW characters, but I could always add a little symbol to each one's window as an extra reminder.
  10. Pokémon

    Christ. How many moreare there?
  11. BattleField (Me Custom)

    Ah, this stage looks great. But the images aren't clickable :P
  12. >tfw your download links look like a snowman wearing a top hat.
  13. Instantaneously used as a stepping stone to call this place terrible. Haha, Masterhand existed on MFG way before he joined this site.
  14. Uncle Plas' BGM Loops

    OK, one more. Bullet Curtain Break Down bgmloopstart = 46500 bgmloopend = 6454408 This one doesn't normally loop, but hey, sometimes I can do it.