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  1. The Longhaul by Vegaz

  2. ya boi Alpyne's just learn'd i've been dub'd a Creator. mmm, good times...... :bath:

    1. Lord Batros

      Lord Batros

      long time coming my friend :lifeofstudy:

  3. The Longhaul by Vegaz

    no prob.   wait, who told me to actually start learnin' stuff? ugh. 
  4. AoF 2 Airport (1.0) [Alpyne D Edition]

    this was supposed to be in my last post [i fudged it somehow], but i'm glad you dig it bud.
  5. Remade Guile Custom's AirBase Station 1.0&1.1

    good ol' Sky pullin' thru. he's 1 of us, he just doesn't realize it yet 
  6. AoF 2 Airport (1.0) [Alpyne D Edition]

    if you don't know how i do when it comes to BGMs, ya better ask somebody, lol.
  7. The Longhaul by Vegaz

    wow. just.....wow. good shit my dude, good shit indeed.   judgin' just from tha 1st vid tho, seems like tha v. follow  &/or tha f. tension could be adjusted a bit, so tha stage height doesn't seem too cut off for normal jumps, regular high jumps, or height-related attacks. 
  8. AoF 2 Airport (1.0) [Alpyne D Edition]

    it's my boi DemonKai's AoF 2 stage, edited for Mugen 1.0, with slight changes to tha .def [anims, bounds, blah-blah-blah], by ya boi Alpyne screenies Spoiler       cop it here: http://www.mediafire.com/?iwh059w6ml4b30h enjoy dem shitz
  9. a'ight Staub, i see ya my dude    btw [this shoulda been done a looooonnnng time ago], you're 1 of us now, no ?s. 
  10. Liverpool, England by Vegaz

    good lookin' out, god.
  11. Liverpool, England by Vegaz

    1.0 issues:               uhh-oh.....
  12. [640,480].Hack//VERSUS [Inspired] Lifebars

    well, all that dumb chizz aside, when are we gonna finish these already?! ump every1 else, i want'em finish'd for my own damn'd self! 
  13. [640,480].Hack//VERSUS [Inspired] Lifebars

    well Gen's gotta update'em 1st. i keep badgerin' him, but he's a stubborn mofo, lol.   if he's ok with it tho, i'll run'em your way.
  14. Benimaru Nikaido by R@CE AKIR@

    you sneaky mofo you! welp, looks like i gotta re-tune my roster again 
  15. Alp's Mugen Showcase [Ongoing Series]

      ok, i'm finna try this again.....   holy chizz! success!! enjoy dem shitz!