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  1. Going on day 11 in this mess we're in, doesn't seem like it will get better soon. There's only a few areas here with any sort of connection available.


    And Trump tweets that we're sitting on our asses waiting for help to be handed out to us. Seriously?

    1. Xiristatos


      Dude... I don't know what to say, I really wish I could do something to make your life less stressful right now. Please, just know this: I, Xiristatos, am counting on you and your fellow Puerto Ricans to stay strong and your buds here on MFFA wish the best for you as well. Hell, you're 7 years older than I am and I'm one nasty ass motherfucker that just won't die, so why should you? You'll never have to go alone through this... you got quite a lot of people doing their best to support your folk.

      And really, fuck Trump with a blazing jackhammer at full speed. Of all the times I wish I could clean out his digestive tract with boiling magma entering through his anus, this is the one time I wish I could do it three times on him.


      I just hope all will end well for you eventually. I wouldn't say that you should survive for my sake because I'm... completely unimportant, but you absolutely should endure for... well, basically anyone else here that isn't me.


      Do it for... them, I guess?