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From my Tumblr and DeviantART:


Hello! I’m just a guy that has a huge imaginative dreams that I would love to achieve and hangs around to have fun and improve myself for a hobby.


I’m a chill and kind person with a heart to give anybody a chance if they have redeemable qualities and the soul to try upon who can be a loner at times. I interact and I don’t, in most cases I might be depressed in those kind of moments but I wouldn’t let myself ignore anyone since I’m willing to listen and befriend whenever possible. I’m quite the worrywart so there’s a chance I can’t reply.


Speaking of a imaginative thinker, Most things I say and do might confuse you with my ideas or such so if there’s something you don’t understand, let me know! Most of my sentences can leave people clueless.


I'm a 17 year old boy with a huge passion for Pokemon and Mugen and also I am a huge fighting game nerd. I may not be the best drawer around but I do hope you have a certain liking to my arts, and to befriend whenever I can.