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  1. Yeah, Party On! Cynos' is released! 


  2. Cynos is almost complete but for now, I think I'll need help with tweaks to finish him off..

  3. whom'stve

    1. Sinnamon



    2. DuckMannnn
    3. DuckMannnn
  4. 2017's starting up fine. But I do gotta make it up somehow with these characters in-bound.



  5. Am I the only one who really loves Akuma in Street Fighter 5? He still have the same moves but he feels so brand new.


    I even love his new Shun Goku Statsu which basically shows what he's doing.

  6. Y'know, I don't really like being reminded to do my homework. I know I gotta do it in homeschool but I just have other plans...

  7. A little reminder of the November character that's coming




    Cynos is to be found in the 15th or so!

  8. it is your birthday, so here's a happy birthday

  9. It's back. Wooo.

  10. Do you guys watch Mob Psycho 100? It's really good and personally I recommend it.

  11. Even though my Ryu isn't great for his first release, at least I'm proud that I did some work in M.U.G.E.N, The next character? Hmm. I don't really know.


  12. Ryu's released. I hope you find some enjoyment with him.


    1. DanTH400



  14. Not to my expectations but here's the trailer of my edit of Ryu



  15. Almost there. Just gotta start on Evil Ryu and change one of his Super Moves. Then a trailer will be shown pretty soon.

  16. Those characters are looking mighty fine. I downloaded the Princess one and I gotta say it's pretty legit. I'm guessing you made the Tifa one too?

    1. Rimu


      Indeed. All those girls were made by me. I made 2 threads in the Releases section, one for SFW chars and other for the R-18 ones.


      Soon all girls be updated with improvements. Those Simul Mode battles were made for bug checking, after all.

  17. Sorry for being gone for so long, but I have a surprise for you if you didn't see the screenshots. Take a look real soon!

  18. There's a chance I'll make a CVS Blade from Red Earth. He'll be fighting without his cloak though.

  19. I wonder if the whole Darkstalkers vs Street Fighter project is still going on. I'd probably make my own but seeing Pyron with Bison's powers and Bison using Pyron's powers would be amazing.

    1. sonikun


      Not a bad idea, mate.

  20. Nigel was postponed for a while so I'm resuming on him. Also, I'm gonna reveal Sans' sprite pretty soon once I make it! Sans is considered a W.I.P for a long while. I still love this character despite it all.

  21. I'm making a experiment on a Street Fighter character. I thought to myself... what if they guest starred in DarkStalkers? There's worthy characters here and there like Dhalsim and Akuma but I think I can roll with Ryu on this one.


    What do you guys think about this? More at my W.I.P thread.

    1. Pluscross


      Well, this one SF2 Dhalism for Mugen has a hidden Darkstalkers 1 mode. I can't remember the author, though.

    2. Xenocard


      Hmm. Good point. Though it's a shame that Dhalsim is most likely rare to find.

    3. Big Green

      Big Green

      @The adv. of P & B MASA's version, right?

  22. Congratulations, You Played Yourself.

  23. I thought Clippit was going to be a April Fools joke character... but he was actually legit.


    Should I be crying or smiling because this character is so good. I've been waiting for years.