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  1. I wonder how I'll rip the Booby Tales sprites.. The only two I need that I really want to consider doing is Shiba and Chesha

    1. TMC55


      Maybe you should try asking @Valgallah he made a character from the game.

    2. Xenocard


      I did ask him that, gave me neat pointers and useful stuff too. I'll have to figure out another way or find a working build of Booby Tales so I can rip them properly. somehow

  2. I'm still working on Cynos' new design being into MUGEN.


    Only a few more basic attacks to go then I'll be able to show his combo skills and other stuff before I retort to his throw and specials... and supers.

  3. Cory [Booby Tales]

    Man, I'm really glad that you converted a character from Booby Tales into MUGEN. Now I feel like attempting Shiba. How did you get the sprites anyway? Still, nice!
  4. Undyne released by MEGAX (1/5/2018)

    Bless. A better Undyne for Mugen. I'm surprised on how well made she feels..
  5. Cynos shall get a new update. But before he does, there's a teaser of the next Mugen Character. Voltes!

  6. Yeah, Party On! Cynos' is released! 


  7. Cynos by XenoCard "Wake up!" Are you ready true believers? The Definitive Version of Cynos is here with his Championship Edition Release! Cynos is a 6 buttoned Marvel vs Capcom styled character made in Pivot Stick Figure 4. He's more suited for close combat so he has no projectiles but he knows how to tango when the duty calls for it. More stuff will be on the way for him, but for now I hope that you'll enjoy this character to your heart's content. UPDATE LOG: Added MVC effects and tweaked some stuff to make him feel less bareboned Can now be hit in Taunt (finally.) Crash Track and Crusader's Drive changed entirely Added Lunar Erruption as a new Super Move. Added new special: Twin Pistons His next update will be his overhauling new design. Can't wait to show you! https://drive.google.com/file/d/15ztlXGPHypA0u59dLWJVYYCknIyk5kuL/view?usp=sharing
  8. Thats something I'll definitely look into in the future. Shiba comes first to test the waters but I dont know if the sprites can be ripped.
  9. DSP (A mediocre POTS Dan Hibiki edit)

    Somebody should so Urien as LowTierGod. that idea is golden. Actually.. I think I know how to help, since there's a bunch of good stuff for material with LTG
  10. My fellow dudes, I have some news to share with you guys. Cynos... is almost finished. But. Cynos lacks something I'm sure of but I do want to make him right. That's where you guys come in! I'm looking for people who can test him out and help me what to do and what's wrong with him so I can improve him and for my future characters. I'm really proud about this character but he can be better with your help. If you wish to help me out, send me a private message and I'll lend you a testing version of him. Here's him in action!
  11. Cynos is almost complete but for now, I think I'll need help with tweaks to finish him off..

  12. Here's the stuff so far that's been updated.
  13. Sorry for the long hiatus but I'm back with Cynos. He's up and at em again. I managed to get on the computer of my grandparents. So I should be able to suffice. For Cynos, He's gotten a few amount of redesigns but this one should be the cake. Now he definitely looks like Vectorman to an extent but, I'm not sure when will his release date will come. You'll just have to see eventually whenever I can roll. Thanks for following the development, I'll try to update better.
  14. 2017's starting up fine. But I do gotta make it up somehow with these characters in-bound.