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  1. Melty Blood Series

    IQS made a new styled Arcueid and Tatari Sion. Link is the same as the other new IQS creations.
  2. Monster: Ancient Cline

    No other characters from the game have been made so far in MUGEN. I can only assume that's the case cause there's no way to get the game itself and rip the sprites.
  3. Kirby

    Galacta Knight by Solarflared:
  4. No matter how many times Daylight Savings Time ends or begins, it always take a bit of time to get used to.

  5. Snivy's Mugen Video Thread Thing

    It's all about Matthew, and how his attacks can be easily predictable.
  6. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game

    Ultra Fatality recently released Matthew Patel.!7258&cid=7F3EC0EAB8CED811 Patel.rar
  7. Oh hey, it's back up!

  8. It feels like some collections really need some revamps since they never really get updated at all.

  9. Star Fox

    Also a lot of the pics are down, apparently.
  10. Persona 4 Arena

    KBossSlayer converted the Light Version of Magatsu Izanagi's Yu over to 1.0 recently. It was on MUGEN Archive, but I reuploaded it to MEGA. Here ya go.
  11. Under Night In-Birth

    Sektor1 is doing a WIP of Wagner. I'll most likely post it once it's released.
  12. Sonic the Hedgehog

    Meant to say this a while back, but Latroy6 released Tikal and Chaos.
  13. Basara's WIP Thread: The MFFA Branch Office

    I just realized that you could always make her defeat animation from the game her time over animation. Unless that's already been done.
  14. Melty Blood Series

    POTS Styled Nero by BahamianKing100 got released.
  15. Basara's WIP Thread: The MFFA Branch Office

    One thing I just realized is that you'll probably have to improvise with voice clips since Envy doesn't have too many fitting voice clips in the movie and Lynette has none. That and there could always be a special intro between her and Scott. Either way I am interested as to how they'll play out when finished.