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  1. No matter how many times Daylight Savings Time ends or begins, it always take a bit of time to get used to.

  2. Oh hey, it's back up!

  3. It feels like some collections really need some revamps since they never really get updated at all.

  4. So I decided to get Camtasia Studio 9. Is this better than CS 8 in a lot of ways? Probably. I dunno.

  5. A crossover fighting game where you can play as characters from BlazBlue, Under Night in Birth, Persona 4 Arena AND RWBY?





    1. OxyontheWolf


      and it would've been even better if as soon as the trailer ends the second time....

      think about it, it could be like the franchise's very own Phoenix Wright

  6. So, how long do you think until Wagner, Enkidu and Mika from UNiB end up getting their sprites ripped?

    1. A person

      A person

      A few more months, if not a few more years.

  7. IPS (Izanami Protection Squad)

  8. Is it just me, or that I kinda like the previous version of Studiopolis's music a bit more than the LP version?

  9. Not that I'm complaining at all, but I'm wondering what's with the sudden love and increase of BlazBlue characters in Mugen. What with Deox making Kagura, and Takehaya making several Melty Blood styled BlazBlue characters.

    1. Xiristatos


      I assume that it has something to do with these characters (along with DaNaru250's) being the first genuinely well-made BlazBlue characters for MUGEN. So far, all BlazBlue characters suffered from atleast one of several drawbacks, such as unreasonably gigantic file sizes, slowing down MUGEN due to the heavy amount of sprites, being absolutely shit in gameplay and what have you... they weren't MUGEN characters as much as they were there simply for collection purposes... as burdensome as they were for that purpose already, so people never bothered whatsoever despite BlazBlue being such a beloved franchise.


      And now we have such creators like DaNaru250, Deoxgigas and in particular Takehaya Susanoo completely turning the tables and making BlazBlue characters that integrate wonderfully into the MUGEN engine. They're now genuine MUGEN characters, and naturally people love the shit out of them immediately. Hell, one of the earliest characters to be made so well just so happens to be my top waifu of death, so that's quite something.

    2. Solid Snivy

      Solid Snivy

      I honestly commend all 3 of them for making genuinely great Blazblue characters. Especially Takehaya for Susanoo and Izanami (and what with Terumi, Valkenhayn and Es coming in the future), and Deoxgigas for making a Kagura that's pretty accurate to Central Fiction.

    3. Xiristatos


      And let's not forget DaNaru250 of course, who technically began this trend in a way, with his Jin Kisaragi being the very first BlazBlue character considered... well, playable. He even made Relius Clover, but his file size is about 111MB... which is a bit too damn high for me.

  10. You really like Izanami a lot, huh Fael?

    1. Xiristatos


      I mean so do I, but no one notices THAT for some reason, even though I'm the most insufferable thing on this planet.

    2. Mister Fael

      Mister Fael

      I like Izayoi more, but I'm playing with what's avaliable for the moment.

      But yeah, I like Saya.

  11. Aaaand Terumi's now in development. Oh, and apparently Es is gonna be a future WIP too.

  12. I can't believe Nintendo won E3 in less than 30 minutes.

  13. I'm kinda surprised that there have been no English voice patches for the Guilty Gear characters in MUGEN. Well, the ones that appeared in Xrd -SIGN- that is.

    1. NEON 7

      NEON 7

      That's probably because the rips are kinda scarce. And then again, there is a thread on MFG that hosts some of them.

    2. Ex✭Cᴀʜᴍ


      Yeah, would totally like Sol to yell at a lenguage i kinda understand.

    3. PlasmoidThunder


      There's a few rips out there:


      Shouldn't be too hard to put a voicepack together.

  14. I should really upload more Mugen videos like Fael does. Except I'm lazy and I don't wanna do that.

    1. Mister Fael

      Mister Fael

      I'll run out Descolor characters soon enough.

  15. All aboard The Eternally Unawakening Superexpress. Featuring Junko as the conductor.

    1. OxyontheWolf


      which one? Enoshima? or the one from the Moon?

    2. Solid Snivy
  16. Jesus Christ, THCrap is a freaking speed demon. They're already translating the HSiFS demo. Dunno if they're currently doing the same with AoCF though.

  17. You'd better Overwatch your mouth.

  18. Oh hey ZUN posted a picture of TH16 disc featuring one of the bosses. I assume she's the Stage 1 boss.


  19. So Mega X (the dude who made XIII styled Chica, Toriel and Foxy) is planning to make Undyne and that's pretty neat.

    1. Pluscross


      Can't even call them KoF styled. 119-way was the only creator I can think of who made completely foreign to KoF characters right in KoF style. His Mario is a great example on how to do it, much more than them.

  20. Heyyyyyy, Happy Birthday, Gladia!

  21. So today I learned that New Akiha Yagami was pretty much not meant for normal MUGEN and would need a serious balance edit to have a fighting chance.

    1. Yagoshi_The_Yoshi
    2. Solid Snivy

      Solid Snivy

      Might just post a link for those curious, though. But yeah. she's crazy overpowered.

  22. Hidden Star in Four Seasons is the title of Touhou 16, everybody. Also Touhou 16 is happening.


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    2. RoySquadRocks
    3. Artoria Alter
    4. Ricepigeon


      Holy shit that was quick.


      Wait, wasn't he supposed to be doing weed rips?

  23. Sennou's Yuuki is apparently getting an EX mode soon. Interesting.



    1. Mister Fael

      Mister Fael

      Oh nice, slow moving projectile :)

      Also, dat Tekken 7 OST.

  24. Do you remember?


    The dango pumpkins of September?

  25. The April Fools characters suspense is high

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    2. Solid Snivy

      Solid Snivy

      It does but we have to brave it once every year.

    3. Pluscross


      I'm trying to think of something to correlate that with Disney's Brave...

    4. Pluscross


      I'm trying to think of something to correlate that with Disney's Brave...