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  1. Ashley by DarkLuigi Games Released (2/18/2018) This is pretty much just an edit of DS12's Ashley that fixes up some stuff and gives her better AI. A voice, too! Download:
  2. Byakuren by Boomer released 1/7/2018

    Apparently not. Also it's probably just me but the framerate drops so much whenever Byakuren does stuff in 1.0.
  3. Touhou Project

    ULiL Byakuren by Boomer:
  4. Byakuren by Boomer released 1/7/2018

    Hm. Is she 1.1 only or does she work in both 1.0 and 1.1?
  5. Blazblue

    It really does. Also: Yuuki Terumi by Terumen:
  6. Yuuki Terumi (MBAC style) Beta released (30.12.2017)

    Terumi finally got finished. Here's the topic:
  7. Yuuki Terumi (MBAC style) Beta released (30.12.2017)

    I was kinda wondering where you went, dude. Glad to know that Terumi and the other projects aren't dead at least. Hopefully Terumi gets finished in the near future.
  8. Thank god the site is back.


    Now I have to remember what I was gonna post before the site went down

  9. The King of Fighters XII / XIII

    IQS apparently made a Kula Diamond that's in the same style of his new Melty Blood characters.
  10. Well, looks like the celestial is back once again. 



  11. I have fallen down the Puyo Puyo rabbit hole and I don't think I'm going to get out anytime soon.

  12. Undertale

    Here's DarkLuigiGames' Papyrus...which is just more or less FourthRhyme's Papyrus but with an AI Patch.
  13. Cuphead

    AngryBirdCooler apparently released both Sally Stageplay and Mr. Wheezy as characters.
  14. Imagine being so overprotective of sprites that weren't originally yours that you end up intentionally making ransomware should anyone try to modify your game.



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    2. Pluscross


      All this and it's not even a fangame in the style of Sonic Battle L.E.N. That one is an... Sonic Adventure.


      It's just another Sonic Advance. Damn, man. You know what the most infamous part of Sonic is...

    3. Solid Snivy

      Solid Snivy

      @Ricepigeon It's a shame, really. Sonic Gather Battle is such a great game that started out as a LF2 mod, but now look how bad it's gotten.

    4. Neo_Fire_Sonic


      imagine if i was the  one who stole all his sprites

      oh wait i was kek

  15. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game

    Lucas Lee by Ultra Fatality: