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  1. She is similar to Godzilla characters who have super armor and unblock moveset .Her name also Similar to Fear in cube in C3 too .
  2. Misaki by Pre To

    So She is boss from Baldr Heart like Christ from Baldr Sky ? Pre to must be like evil woman . Most all characters is powerful boss and evil .
  3. cool , Another Rance character!
  4. Heroine X Alter by Shey updated 8/7/17

    Her gameplay style similar to Touhou style character .
  5. Can I use those spell card the same time ?
  6. I'm not fan of Blazblue but this character is very good . The problem is Configure , he should at English text too more than onlyJapanese text .
  7. Archer/Emiya by aka65535 updated 8/6/17

    When I try Taunt button , he stop moving . Just release EX move , he move again
  8. Matthew/Mash/Shielder by hetyo updated 4/24/17

    He tracing sprite from FGO sprite?
  9. Re-Post Characters

    Just a re post characters that site is dead and I already have , Sorry If I'm do wrong . Some have AI . Characters Pack by SXVector Characters Pack by Drowin arcana Characters Pack by Shirokuma
  10. All link here How to turn off Auto AI: Open their .cmd and find this line under [state AI]: var(59) = 1 Change 1 to 0 Note: For Chronus, also open -3.cns and find this line: ;AI‘¦‹N“®ƒXƒCƒbƒ` [state var] type = varset trigger1 = !ishelper ignorehitpause = 1 var(58) = 1 ;1---ON , 0---OFF Change var(58) = 1 to var(58) = 0
  11. This place  is update so new , New even I can watch something in my laptop.

  12. New Admin and G.Moderator

    Oh my god! What`s happen here? I`m came the wrong place?
  13. Melty Blood Series

    All character by 9 ,snd file error , Can someone help how to fix this problem?
  14. Ougon Musou Kyoku / Ougon Musou Kyoku CROSS

    I don`t see Nightmare Black Battler here?