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  1. MUGEN 1.0 Plus

    Really? You must be kidding or probably you don't know enough the default screenpack.
  2. MUGEN 1.0 Plus

    Thank you guys!
  3. MUGEN 1.0 Plus

    I always liked the default layout of the 1.0 Screenpack. It's simple but beautiful and light. But I felt something was missing from it, with more organization and fewer sprites, I got an interesting result. - MUGEN 1.0 Resolutions and its respective slots: 640x360: 16, 48, 192, 630, 798, 1368, 2130, 2343 and 3822 Slots 640x480: 32, 72, 288, 966, 1176, 2052, 3053, 3266 and 5369 Slots 1280x720: 33, 132, 572, 986, 1334, 2400, 4074, 8601 and 14118 Slots Menu 360p Select - 16 Slots 480p Select - 3822 Slots https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-g5_DQJSm4mg/WD3DumuN1II/AAAAAAAABeA/wotu5-y-yRkX8cXB0ykLXpDeZtIBidxqwCLcB/s1600 /480p_Menu.png[/img] 720p Select - 14118 Slots Select Victory DOWNLOAD + Screens
  4. Let's finish old business: DOWNLOAD: http://forum.paodemugen.com.br/index.php?showforum=448
  5. Dan's Gallery

    BUMPING with some pixel hyper portraits Hitsugaya - Timeskip Ichigo - Timeskip Ogichi Reverse Flash (CW)
  6. Screenshots Mffa Style

    I wish there was Bleach chars in POTS style, but this is a good Byakuya:
  7. MFFAWN #1 (09/19 - 09/25, 2016) - It has begun!

    Great! It reminds me the old times of PDM.
  8. Swamp Cathedral - Day (Original)

    Thank you, sir.
  9. Swamp Cathedral - Day (Original)

    THANK YOU, man! Hey guys, please download it again because I fixed a little issue on the animation.
  10. Swamp Cathedral - Day (Original)

    Thank you very much!
  11. What's up guys! Today I'm getting older. :bigcry: So as a gift, I'm sharing an old stage of mine. I must thank ELECTRO, for his great help with the BGM GENERAL INFO: >> Original Stage (sprites by Mark Ferrari) >> WinMUGEN & MUGEN 1.0 >> Animated >> BGM by Sajith Raj, Looped and mixed by Electro >> Super Jump DOWNLOAD: http://forum.paodemugen.com.br/index.php?showtopic=12315 May God bless your day.
  12. Happy birthday bruh! :)

    1. Speedster


      Valeu, cara! Thanks!!

  13. Journalict Roof (Original)

    Indeed. I love when DA brings such surprises...
  14. S'up guys! So, I've some MUGEN plans for this weekend until I found this great work by PDexter: I decided converted it and after get the author's permission, I started. The thing is that I didn't get the original files, meaning it was need to rip, cleaning etc... But, here is the result: I hope you enjoy: DOWNLOAD + INFO God bless you. :D