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  1. Ultimate Mugen Battle

    This should go in "Releases --> Full Games" Also, u should really post screenshots before u expect someone to download this ^^;
  2. Bump, whats da status on this beauty? Owo
  3. Antor originally sprites his own characters afaik. This character is from Fate Grand Order, Scathacha aka Lancer.
  4. Ryougi Shiki+AI Patched

    Ryougi Shiki by IQS.
  5. Melty Blood Series

    Woah its .dgc? I thought that filetype was extinct for mugen. I haven't seen that in yeeeaaars.
  6. Holy shiz, i saw news of her in the works but damn. Definitely testing out.
  7. Susanoo Updated 5/21/17 First Link Updated. Changelog: Also confirmed by author they are working on Izanami next, as they already have most if not all of her effects and sprites ripped.
  8. I haven't noticed this at all even with extensive play testing. I even have a video out of him. Both hits and misses make sound effects. Blazblue is a fast paced game yes, not as fast as Melty Blood, but very close. It's a very good mix and works really well. He's easily become 1 of my favorite characters in my roster.
  9. The authors looking into fixing issues with him via feedback on the thread in MFG. That was brought up i believe. I assume he's waiting for a whole batch of feedback so he can do a huge update on him to fix the issues.
  10. Couldn't have said it better myself. All the other BlazBlue characters have kinda sucked. Only ones that really were good were the Jin in my screenshots by DaNaru250, Platinum by Websta and maybe Nu-13 by Neat Unsou if she weren't so Heavy due to all those sprites. Thankfully we can add this one to the tiny list of playable BlazBlue characters.
  11. He's Melty Blood styled. VERY well made. Plans on updating him as well. Works in Winmugen, 1.0 and 1.1. To get the Magic Circuit Bar to show up as well as Mode Selection, you have to open his Config.txt and edit this line: [State 5900, 0] Type = VarSet Trigger1 = Var(0)/1000%10 = 0 V = 0 Value = Var(0)+(1)*1000 ;0‚Є•\Ћ¦‚ ‚и(ѓfѓtѓHѓ‹ѓg)ЃA1‚Є•\Ћ¦‚И‚µ Change V = 0 to V = 1. Updated 5/21/17
  12. So wuts the status on this? owo This seriously has me still so excited!
  13. That bug across my screen freaking me the hell out, i almost slapped my TV. Nice one...Nice one...

  14. MUGENGERS 3 HD Screenpack Released

    Purfect! And anytime : )