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  1. Darklight added a post in a topic Broly - 24 Jul 2015   

    the screen shakes and you can see purple in the ground ill try to get a video of it
  2. Darklight added an answer to a question Magaki Edits   

    i can do you one better since i cant remember which ones
    http://mugenarchive.com/forums/  some that you are missing can be found here
  3. Darklight added an answer to a question Magaki Edits   

    there more then that
  4. Darklight added a post in a topic FFT Agrias Oaks   

    questions ever thought of using the sprites from the final fantasy tactics  
  5. Darklight added a post in a topic [Lifebar1280] Spikers Battle   

    completely broken
  6. Darklight added a post in a topic Broly - 24 Jul 2015   

    would you ever consider doing a english voicepack for broly.
    btw i dont know if this is a bug or not but when broly stomp you into the ground the bottom is turn purple 
  7. Darklight added a post in a topic Lord Beerus/Bills DBZ WIP - BETA released 8/3/15   

    how go the prograss on bill
  8. Darklight added a question in [ CONTENT REQUESTS ]   

    looking for a screenpack that is offline along with the patches too it
    hey iam looking for the mugen free for all v4 by the guy name zenise i probably spelled his name wrong anyways both of the links too it are now dead and i dont have any accses to my external hard drive any more due to a power cord issue to boot them up that has it so iam wondering if anyone here might have a copy or might have some suggestion on what other screenpack that could hold about the same amount with the patch on dont remember the total it had
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  9. Darklight added a post in a topic Paintown   

    your partly right but it does have 2 features it does act like one of those bor games
    but it also acts like mugen as well there a option in the settings i can tell you personal the one for android is bugging  there is also infinitey cat which is mugen on the psp and although i cant get my hands on a copy of it anymore it does work and a bit more stable too but not by much since it runs winmugen and we all know that is very buggy to begin with
  10. Darklight added a post in a topic FFVII roster by Flurryjo   

    a few things i like to say i have only played with your sin behemoth a few times but its been so long i really dont have much to say on the matter at hand. what i can say is iam glad someone is finally taking the time to make more final fantasy characters even tho most have been done and redone before in diffrent styles of game play already minus the few that no one has try to make before. do you have any plans on making any other character from the game such as ruby or diamond or what about the summons them selfs? iam sure it would be hard but it would be something new?  
  11. Darklight added an answer to a question Raiden metal gear   

    there been 2 that was made one is by bumble_vin and the other iam not entirely sure
  12. Darklight added a post in a topic Goku - Beta 2 Release   

    ryon pretty much said there was no real need to ask what should be fix
    dude you still have not change a single bit with any of your creations they need to be fix there no need for work like this the more you rush the more shit isnt going to be fix your not the only one that does it but that also doesnt make it right either i for one well not be downloading this until it majorly gets worked on same go for your other stuff 
  13. Darklight added a post in a topic Golden Freezer | V1   

    you do realize this is just a edit and not a good attempt either at it i think the only real thing that this really has is just a new pallet made to look like from the new dbz movie at best i never got to try it out becuse i dont have any way to play mugen now but pretty sure there isnt much new to this character 
  14. Darklight added a topic in [ EDITS ]   

    Golden Freezer | V1
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