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  1. CocaColaKidTitle.png


    I think I actually have a wish for Christmas now, Coca-Cola Kid for Mugen. This is Pepsiman's rival, he HAS to be. And, uh, Fido's I guess...

  2. Ninja Kun

    Huh, looks like I have to go back and fix the picture too... I'll add a new link later on. The version I have works.
  3. SMG4

    Thanks, I needed help getting a link to it.


    Dead serious, I'm freaking scared by this. I really hope Mugen stays clean of Beter from Bamily Buy.


    Yet, I kinda want to make "parodies" of this. I must resist...

    1. Flare-Gamer-64


      I was going to make 🅱 E T E R at some point but I canned the idea.

    2. Darkflare


      If I were afraid of every bad character made in Mugen, I would have died of fright years ago

    3. Pluscross


      Meh, nowadays my Mugen habit lives solely on "bad" characters. If anything, they're like my best friends.


      But this meme... Oh my gosh, this clusterfuck... Even worse I laughed at this babbling. A lot.

  5. Yamisher by me

    Sweet, you rarely get Jin edits. Shame, he's an... Interesting character already. What type of edit is this though?
  6. What characters are hard for you to beat?

    Actually, does it still count if you use OP characters to defeat a hard foe? I may need to take back my list, whatever I put so long ago... I don't mean Dark Donald type stuff, just a little OP.




    ...I had no clue these were in the games.


    Meh, doesn't seem I'm missing out at all. Isn't the purpose of a bonus stage to get something... Worthwhile out of it? First one just looks dumb and irritating. (Bet that monster at the end is a instakill...) and the second one is literally just a less complex Level Ate. I found out the first one is located in a kinda slightly sorta noticeable spot in Level 5... But how in the heck do I get to the second one? And what happens if you beat them...?


    Also are the names in the background of the second one some really bad attempt at meat puns...?

    1. Darkflare


      Totally forked? You glide down a specific pit in Level Ate.

    2. Pluscross


      ...You can't jump down it...? You HAVE to glide down it?


      There's hiding secrets in pits in games... And then there's hiding a secret in a pit you can only jump down a specific way otherwise you die. That's... Not "good" design to be honest. Even for a secret.

    3. Pluscross



      Sweet, I know how to get there now.


      ...THAT'S MUCH WORSE THAN THE SECRET ENTRANCE IN LEVEL 5. My god Shiny. I thought jumping into a random pit is bad, but cramming yourself past some spikes and walking into a pile of pepperoni...? Crash 3's alien sign is laughing itself into a fit at this nonsense.


      Trying to get to Level 5 now, but man, the start of EWJ1 is BRUTAL...

  8. Oh, never knew he made her. Thanks for the info.
  9. Batman (POTS Style) by Tavo Lopez released (01/22/2017)

    Dang, it's literally just Two-Six Batman with some changed effects. He didn't deserve all these comments, so much other News did... But not this.
  10. Wait, the first one is Akuma's CvS1 stage. That's... All I know of it unfortunately. Is there any info on Aoba from Fighter's Kyotodai:
  11. Super Mario Bros.

    Here's a strange Metal Mario I have... Yes, stranger than the cheap Shinryouga one with the Mario 64 assists. He plays kinda... In some DBZ-esque style? Two buttons for attacks with dial combos, one for projectiles, and a weird super powered mode by Down + Start that lets him tank attacks and do more damage. Also he can charge his power with Start too... Yeah, he has a gun hyper, and another where he throws a missile. Surprisingly, he's not that cheap and does very little damage, he just has very choppy animations and some slightly off effect work... He was made by joan quines. Dunno why his name messed up for me...
  12. Chikara Tournament

    I am going to have to play around with brutal A.I.s and projectiles on this for sure. You got zoom to work outside of OpenGL? I don't know much about 1.1...
  13. Sony PlayStation

    Oh. Good thing. I was legitimately a bit disapointed by the 404. Good thing I already have that classic hazard in my downloads... Somewhere. Some more Sony-era Crash stuff needs to be added and I could work on that later.
  14. Sony PlayStation

    Whoa's link isn't working. I got a 404. Dang it...
  15. Cuphead Fight Animation with Custom M.U.G.E.N 1.0 lifebar

    Very nice work with those powerbars. If this means a Cuphead lifebar is coming then I'm all in. Would be best to base it off the HUD seen in some beta footage, though.