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  1. [1.1] MVC3 Kattelox Island BETA 3 (24bits)

    looks awesome too bad is only for 1.1, those characters look cool too are they available?
  2. Happy birthday Man! :-)

  3. 1.0 Mugen Ax2 Screenpack(640,480)

    it comes ready to use, check if your antivirus deleted something
  4. Marvel Versus Capcom 2 Stages

    thanks for sharing this, i think i have some older versions with some color lose so it will be a good upgrade!
  5. Aska Himeko by Rojin70 updated (08/30/2015)

    she is awesome, the sprites look like they where taken from some capcom's game. who is the other guy?
  6. Master Morrigan by KAZ updated (09/11/2015)

    i feel you, japanese creators seems to like complicated shit
  7. Master Morrigan by KAZ updated (09/11/2015)

    her pals are just random? i'm having issues seting the one i want to show as default. i'm like... "why elecbyte why! the act files where just awesome, i hate this pallete keymap shit!!" xD
  8. 1.0 Mugen Ax2 Screenpack(640,480)

    wow, thanks dude i'm glad you dig it! that's weird might be that your antivirus deleted something?, it happens sometimes to me. you should edit the mugen cfg directly the system.def line(motif = systembig.def instead of system.def).
  9. 1.0 Edited Broken Mugen (lots and lots of slots)

    i'm afraid they aren't, actually they are very basic since i'm a beginner at lifebars and a lazy animator :C
  10. 1.0 Edited Broken Mugen (lots and lots of slots)

    thanks man, right now i'm working in the lifebars!
  11. 1.0 Edited Broken Mugen (lots and lots of slots)

    well i'm kind of done with this since it's just an edit. to tell the truth i prefer to work in my own screeenpack "Mugen Ax2"
  12. Juaniquillo's stage edits

    Here i will put some stages that i have edited to run in 1.0 and 640x480. i hope you guys digg it! Old China(exshadow) fixed to to run in 1.0 and 640x480 http://www.mediafire.com/download/75599gr53m62165/Old+China(EXShadow)+Fix+by+juaniquillo.rar Metal Slug Z(N0) fixed to run at 640x480 res http://www.mediafire.com/download/sy3k3ewd93g56ni/Metal+Slug+Z(N0)+fix+by+Juaniquillo.rar
  13. 1.0 Edited Broken Mugen (lots and lots of slots)

    Sorry for the late reply, i left mugen for a few months. it might be because the screenpack uses two different sff files, since I took part of Hloader's screenpack when I was using it the sp worked just fine even with my whole character collection. so I guess with a faster PC and 1.0 it would run perfectly.