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  1. Dangan Ronpa

    Thanx for recommending my stage
  2. RWBY

  3. Touhou Project

    What about #9 by elecbyte
  4. Best Match I ever did

  5. Orochi Whip

    It look legit but that not her the color is spot on but her entrance and attacks are not the same If you look at the video I posted on the top you'll see the different it might be this --->
  6. Orochi Whip

    Thanks but that Orochi X I already have that character but I was looking for Orochi Whip but thanks for the effort Orochi X - Orochi Whip -
  7. Orochi Whip

    Well I found the password it's ares2.1.1 but that not the character i was lookiing for it's not "Orochi Whip"
  8. Orochi Whip

    I hope is Orochi whip [beta] cuz i already have Orochi x
  9. Orochi Whip

    thank you but i dnt know the password (Send me a message if you dnt want it to be public)
  10. Orochi Whip

    I don't know if this is the right forum to tell someone where I could find Orochi Whip
  11. Chiester 410 Character [Umineko]

    I see but I'm still a Noob so I don't know how
    1. Galvatron


      Yeah I played the Rpg long ago it was Anime cross over with old FF 1-6 gameplay. It was probly made with RPG maker.

  12. Die or Die Again chose your path

    1. FlipSide
    2. xstarter


      A choice ONLY for Raziel..

  13. Does Anyone has Leona XIII they could send me?

  14. Chiester 410 Character [Umineko]

    Really Damn Than I should start with something easy then.