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  1. Greaaat release! Thanks for the information BTW, he also updated a lot his previous chars in 2017 (not sure at all that it has been mentionned somewhere)...
  2. Kuramoto by BOH released - 05/21/17

    ... updated in a sure future
  3. Aquapazza - Castle Avalon.

    We enjoy! Thanks a lot for this new pearl
  4. Captain Sawada by NS updated 8/30/17

    ... so great to have good ports of this mythical game
  5. Harabah

  6. Harabah

    Anyway, nice result From what game is it please?
  7. [Power Quest] Speed by NS (updated 2017-07-23)

    Another version of Lucky Glauber too! - AFAIK never announced
  8. Where is ? - 1.1.

  9. Shirou Yusa by aka65535 [7/4/2017]

    Thanks a lot!
  10. Shirou Yusa by aka65535 [7/4/2017]

    brocken link?