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  1. music is made by me
  2. So im trying to make a comic book/manga series but im stuck because i dont know how to make dimension powers and powers to stop time and space have a weakness. Anyone have any suggestions?

  3. TYK MUGEN Ep 9 Red Hulk Blue Lucario

    well its an extra source of making money so its not too bad, it will grow in due time, just dont pull out any reaction video so you dont get sued by the Dick Bros lmao
  4. TYK MUGEN Ep 9 Red Hulk Blue Lucario

    Thanks and yeah im back from the dead xD had to recreate somethings tho. I see your channel grew hella big since i left
  5. I've been out of the mugen game for bout over 2 years so im coming back with vengeance xD music is made by me
  6. hedgehogs are fast blue creatures that uses big hammers and hides in the shadows. they also hang out with boxing echindas, foxes with muliple tails, rabbits made out of cream and rouge ninja(theifs) bats

    1. Neo_Fire_Sonic


      blue streak speeds by, sonic the hedgehog. too fast for the naked eye, sonic the hedgehog. sonic, he can really move, sonic he's got an attituuuuuude. sonic, he's the fastest thing aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiveeeeeee!

    2. JDM



    3. Ex☆Cham


      Shadow is better

  7. Mewtwo vs MvC Relius

    my first match in 1.1 [from the description] MvC Relius vs MewtwoSo I now gotta remember fast characters, constant projectile charcaters and lag makes mewtwo nearly useless. But now i know why this author been geting bad rep on his mvc converted blazblue character, THIS SHIT IS SUPER FUCKING BROKEN. ITS ONE THING TO MESS A CHARACTER UP DUE TO THE CONVERSION ITS ANOTHER THING TO ADD A SPAMMABLE ADVANCE GUARD AND PARRY SYSTEM. YOUR NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE BOTH AG AND PARRIES YOUR SUPPOSED TO HAVE ONE OR THE OTHER!!
  8. can anybody tell me the whole purpose of lin from kof(the guy that looks like psychomantais)

  9. How old school i am #1 : during my middle and high school years (2003-2010) while everybody had an ipod i walked around with a cassetteplayer(aka walkman) listening to SFA3 music andwhatever else i could copy from a game.


  11. Everybody Expects Viscera

  12. You know what Im gonna get a 2DS because everyone hates it. and then im going 2 play it in front of them just to rustle their jimmies

    1. GarchompMatt


      And they'd laugh at you for getting a poor man's version of a console they already have :P

    2. TheYukiKonata


      and then im gonna say it was worth it cause i didnt want the stupid system until the development of pokemon x and y

  13. Ok so i wanted 2 do mugen short videos in a format of Best Vines if anyone is familiar with it. do u think it will work?

    1. SeSsHoMaGoKu23


      Anythings possible and a try beats a fail... so why the hell not XD

  14. Anyone ever played a game called Raystorm?

    1. Mister Fael

      Mister Fael

      I played NetStorm, but i doubt it's the same

    2. Rimu


      My brother used to play it a lot in Taito Legends for PS2. That game had quite an intetersting style.

    3. NeoGeoKitsune


      I've played Raystorm before, it is a quite enjoyable shmup (though I would not consider it a bullet hell game).

  15. curiosity didnt kill this cat!