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  1. So fresh it burns. Robot Chuck has been released go get him at Releases subforum!! =D

  2. What the f*ck happ'ened to the forum!? I can't post in any of the posts and can't even edit my threads in Collections!!

    Also the error is EX144, if some of you asked, mods and admins

  3. As Fred Durst said: "Guess who's back!!" :fuckyea:

    1. White Ranger

      White Ranger

      Nice to see you again Basara 

    2. Noside


      Gee I wonder who? Eminem? ♪ Guess who's back? ♫ *dancing* :haha_dunk_by_pineapple_soup-d8ryyed:

    3. Basara-kun


      Hahaha, thnaks guys XD I'm necroing my WIP thread during these hours :P

  4. Hi there, I noticed your collection is pretty outdated and abandoned, I thought you were MIA, but I see you're still active and all. Since there's a year with no updates, I was thinking in remake the SFIII collection, but first I want to know if you still want to update the collection before I started mine, just in case

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    2. Basara-kun


      Thanks guys, I promise to make a good job there then :OhYeah:

    3. Ryon


      Once you have remade the topic, i'll delete the old one .


    4. Basara-kun


      OK, I started with the new collection. But please don't delete the existing one, there's some stuff I need to get from it before being deleted (mostly edited chars)

  5. A new character is coming to MUGEN by my hand!! See in my WIP thread to know about it ;)

  6. I forgot to post i yesterday here. New megaman chars made by me, released here!! :fuckyea:

  7. Finally my Megaman v2.0 is finished!! Go for him in my release thread =D

  8. Finally, more advances on my Megaman remake!! :D take a look at my WIP thread!!

  9. I considered one of my failures as MUGEN creator, but now I could redeem myself... Megaman is been remaking now!! See details in my WIP thread ;)

    1. Galvatron


      Who said you was a failure?!  Man! You one of the best to me. :goodmood:

    2. Basara-kun


      Thanks man =D but I refered to my Megaman character, which I want to remake

  10. Well, I was thinking about to do it all past 2015, but now I decided: I made a WIP thread here in MFFA =D take a look ar the Work in Progress subforum :OhYeah:

  11. Bishamon and Taiga Aisaka released past saturday!! Get them here:


  12. Sorry for don´t post yesterday, but now it's posted. I released a new Stage Pack, this time with Megaman 2 Robot Masters Boss Stages!! Get them now in Releases Board!! :D

  13. Back on the track, Shelly Tarlar has been released!! See about her in my release thread and get her for your MUGEN!! :D

  14. Sorry for the late, I got a release thread for my last chars, see them in Releases!! :D

    1. Galvatron
    2. Trinitronity


      Nice Angry Ninja char.

      But now, I want to see a Mortal Kombat-styled Angry Birds game for some reasons... :S

  15. Blast to the past: I released a stage pack with all Megaman 1 Robot Masters!! Get'em in releases ;)

  16. Welcome to the Chaos Dimension!! Shuma-Gorath has been updated, go and get him in Releases board!! :D

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    2. Алексей


      Nice! Glad you fixed that issue you were having.

    3. Noside


      Que bueno que pudiste arreglar esa wea. =3

    4. Basara-kun


      Thanks guys :D

      Noside: Sip, hace tiempo que lo quería hacer, ahora sí está completo ;)

  17. Nega Scott is updated!! >:D

    1. Ex✭Cᴀʜᴍ


      I readed that as "Nigga Scott" tbh S:

      nice btw

    2. Ultra Fatality

      Ultra Fatality

      awesome still trying to rip gideon can you beileve that -__- shits hard lol

  18. It's time to face yourself, Scott: nega Scott now comes to MUGEN!! Get him in Releases!! (ah, and Scott was updated, too)

    1. MugoUrth


      So... lunch tomorrow, Nega Scott?

    2. Pluscross


      Awwwwww crap.

    3. GuyZero32k4


      I feel bad that when I was watching the movie, I'd thought it said "Nigga Scott" qhen I was drinking my soda.

  19. Scott is featured Fighter in Guild Database!! Fuck yeah!! :D

    1. Cayne


      congrats brah. Recognition is the fuel of dedication.

  20. Scott Pilgrim is finished for real!! Go and get him in Releases!! :D

  21. Hohoho, I totally forgot about MFFA, my bad. Sorry guys, I'm back now :P

    1. Noside


      Porque dices "Hohoho" como papa noel?

    2. yeah ok

      yeah ok

      Apology not accepted

  22. B-kun, the Unperfect MUGEN Creator