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  1. Been there, done that Miru, as you can see in the link, I unmoleboxed Calamix Power Fighters so now the chars from that game are fully compatible with normal MUGEN. To be added to the list from Calamix (use this link for download): -Mega Man -Heat Man -Gyro Man -Slash Man -Shade Man -Wood Man -Dust Man -Elec Man -Dive Man -Mini Devil -Time Man -Ring Man -Star Man -Plug Man There're more but they're already added here (Ice Man, Magnet Man, Freeze Man, Turbo Man, Air Man, Pharaoh Man, Blizzard Man) Also, there's the stage pack of the game as a separate download, as well the screenpack
  2. Powered by DE-MOLE-ITION Not a release made by me, but another rescue for MUGEN community as I did with Luvly Angel's chars. Calamix was a controversial figure in MUGEN history, but his contribution to the community with his Megaman chars is undeniable. His last public release was this fullgame with Megaman Arcade chars from those 2 games (Power Battle and Power Fighters), as well original adaptations from other MM games, which were unable to use because the game is moleboxed... Until now. I tested DE-MOLE-ITION on this fullgame thinking this won't work on it, but it did. And I checked them and all files work on normal MUGEN: characters (selectable and secret), stages and even the screenpack and music, so I unmoleboxed all the content and made separate downloads to everyone can use them. All the content is untouched but tested on my normal MUGEN and it works without problems. Some screenshots to prove this: Because of the release date (2007 aprox), this fullgame was made under WinMugen, but I think it's also compatible with MUGEN 1.0+, it's up to you to test there. This was a so huge discover that I'd to make its own website apart of mine. I know there's a lot of MM fans out there that wanted more Calamix chars available, so you'll appreciate this as I do. Enjoy this release, this was made for you ;) PS: Mods, if you think this doesn't belong here, feel free to move it to another section, thanks
  3. Groove On Fight / Power Instinct 3

    NS recently released M.A.D.
  4. [UF] Matthew Patel [7 Evil Ex]

    It was about time!! downloading and testing later (I hope the next Evil Ex would be released before 2019 XD)
  5. MFFAWN #28 (Oct 22 - 28, 2017) - The Evil Faun

    Oh c'mon, what about this release??
  6. Samurai Shodown Collection

    Thanks Tokamina, added both characters
  7. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game

    Finally :D thanks, added to the main post
  8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Recently released, I made the 4 Turtles from TMNT 3 NES, to be added here
  9. Variable Geo Series

    Ryoucchi, I've a question: would you include resources to the thread?? if that's so, there's some stuff to be added: -Aokmaniac13 ripped VGC sprites and FX -Davias ripped Super VG stages -Grim ripped Super VG Yuka -Magma Dragoon ripped portraits and misc. from first VG (PC-98) EDIT: -odin123 made DC Comics' White Rabbit (Elirin's edit), link taken from THE FAWN
  10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 Turtles released!! No, it's not your idea, it isn't a joke either. This was a secret project I got since months ago and finally achieved during these days (started after I released Robot Chuck). Yes, the Turtles we all know and love now with the 8-bit treatment!! Different from other Turtles released on MUGEN, these ones plays almost exactly like in TMNT 3: The Manhattan Project on the NES, with only 3 buttons to use (punch, throw and special move) and a lot of features you can catch on the readme. Each Turtle have their own folders and each of them is compatible with MUGEN1.0 (data, winquotes, etc) Screenshots: So, get out of your sewer, grab your slice of pizza with you and download them now!! COWABUNGA!! Chars -> Classics -> 8-Bit Series
  11. Speed Racer, I always wanted to see him fight on MUGEN, with Pops as striker and a super with the Mach 5, that would be awesome. Also, some of my personal heroes from Space Opera anime: Gene Starwind (Outlaw Star), Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop) and Space Dandy (from... you know)
  12. Basara's WIP Thread: The MFFA Branch Office

    Well, after the surprise release of Robot Chuck, I decided to look back to my old WIPs to see if I can finish some of them... so one was chosen: Chiho Masuda from Variable Geo series will be back!! After many petitions and replaying VG games, I decided to give her a new chance to get into MUGEN. Until now, she has all basics and only standing punches added, so I'm now adding the rest of her normal punches and kicks and then start with her moves. I've to replay AVG2 and VGC to see which moves she has, I only remember her 2 classic moves (the kunai projectile and her charge attack). Soon you'll see more about her, I promise you
  13. Doraemon

  14. Thanks, I hope you like the char :D
  15. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game

    Recently got from the oven, added Robot Chuck to the list