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  1. Arenaline NX

    Enjoy, click image for download. [Features] -Parallax- -Animated- -Super Jump- [Preview] [Side Note] -Kind of a remake of a couple old stages put together- -You will have to adjust the bounds if played in Win or 1.0, until patch is uploaded for direct fix- -A stage I made a while ago, but never got around to doing what I wanted to do with it, so here is the current version-,2938.0.html
  2. Stage Collection: ExShadow

    Those crap 2007 stages though
  3. Enjoy, click image for download. [Features] -Animated- -Super Jump- [Preview],2937.0.html [Side Note] -Probably edit a couple sprites- -Zoom to be added in the future-
  4. [Hi-Res] Sky House [Updated]

    Thanks for the comments, going to be a quick fix uploaded probably tomorrow evening, a thumbs up to whoever can guess what I'll fix if they can see it Scratch that it was irritating me sp I just fixed it, stage updated
  5. Enjoy, click image for download. [Features] -Animated- -Super Jump- [Preview] [Side Note] -May update clouds in the future- -Stage updated since video, now with moving clouds-
  6. What anime did this come from? Can anyone tell me?
  7. BattleField (Me Custom)

    Weird, I added another link at the bottom
  8. Enjoy, click image for download [Preview] [youtube][/youtube] [Side Note] -A fun little stage I was makin- -A couple of stray pixels, but hardly noticeable sow ill fix later Download
  9. I just posted here because 

    I am a fan 

    I love all your stage 

    Good job:Ohmy!:

    1. Mugenrookie


      Thanks you're awesome man 

  10. Marvel Versus Capcom 2 Stages

    No love for my other swamp stage eh?
  11. A random chatter?

    I had a nice little random chat with some youtubers: The guy in this video does nice art
  12. STAGE: Boggly Woods released (12/23/2015)

    Well I certainly missed this one, I guess that's what you get when you don't come around so often lol will test
  13. Wiley Base [1.1]

    Thought MvC? Well you thought wrong. Enjoy, click image for download. [Features] -Zoom- -Parallax- -Animated- -Super Jump- [Preview] [Side Note] -Might update floor in the future-
  14. Pokeman Gym [1.1]

    Thanks for the comments, I prefer the word converted over created xp